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Yes, if you are looking for vinyl records you have come to the right place. I am a collector based in Sweden and I have been dealing in records as part of my own collecting hobby for decades. Please send me your priced wants lists if I can get you anything special from Sweden or Scandinavia.





Well, the record collecting hobby surely has an essential visual aspect to it, don't you think? Somehow, sound files and CDs will never be the same as real vinyl records with picture covers. Above some 7" covers from my recent auction.

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2010-05-07 – 2016–04-03

Sadly I lost my best friend Frida, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog (or Great Pyrenées) on April 3. She would have been six years old on May 7, 2016 so she should have had the second half of her life ahead of her. We were simply inseparable and life sure feels empty right now.

It seems like it was cancer that took Frida's life. She survived a very advanced surgery but sadly got weaker afterwards until there was no alternative anymore. She had even given up fighting herself. Now what's left are the bills from the animals hospital. Around SEK 25 000 to pay after what the insurance covered - a sum which will have to be raised instantly. I would very much appreciate if you could spread the message about my record lists to your friends if you don't find anything yourself this time. Every record sold will make a difference and will help to pay the bills. It is now too late to save Frida's life but I would surely appreciate if you could help spreading the message to your record collecting friends in case you don't find anything you want yourself. My sincere thanks for your support.

This time I offer the following discounts to help covering Frida's hospital bills

10% off if you buy for SEK 300-499
20% off if you buy for SEK 500-999
30% off if you buy for SEK 1 000 or more

Example: If you order records for SEK 665 you may deduct SEK 133 and thus pay SEK 532 plus postage. This applies to delivered records so please state alternatives. The discount applies to set sale items only.

In memory of my friend Ona.

All prices in the lists are in SEK - convert to your currency here.

NEW! Welcome to listen in to my radio show 'The Ronny B Goode Show' every Wednesday at 18.00-19.00 UTC.  Here you can hear a lot of goodies which you will find in my lists plus many others. You can listen online at - just click the 'Play' button. If any radio station out there would like to relay the show just send me a mail.

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I hope you will find something interesting for your record collection. Good hunting!

Inslag om Delsbo Radioklubb på svenska (mp3)

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Please note that the minimum order is SEK 100 or US$15/Euro 15,-.

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