Time now again for Delsbo's own voice, Radio Dellen, to hit the airwaves. Power is estimated at 120 W ERP. This time we actually have a temporary license allowing 500 W ERP, but unfortunately time has not permitted the modification of the transmitter to enable us to broadcast with full power. However, we expect to reach out fairly well in comparizon to our latest transmissions in July due to to the time of the season. This time all broadcasts are going out just on MW and are broadcasted from our own studio in Delsbo. Previously, we have been broadcasting from the studio facilities of Radio Ljusdal and also over their FM channels, but this time we are only on MW. Keep on listening on MW (AM) 1602 kHz and send your reception reports to:

Radio Dellen
Light Valley Media
Box 90
SE-82723 Ljusdal

You can also mail us at but if you would like a QSL card, please send sufficient return postage (Swedish stamps, IRC or a $ bill). E-mail reports will be verified by e-mail if we don't receive any return postage.

The reason for these special transmissions is the 30th Anniversary of Delsbo Radioklubb (DRAK). Just click on the link if you want to know more about our club and our activities. We will be on the air from Thursday, Sept. 25 22.00 UTC thru Monday Sept. 29 at 22.00 UTC (Friday Sept. 26 00.00 thru Monday Sept. 29 24.00 CET/SNT).

Our local newspaper Hälsinglands tidning devoted an entire page to the anniversary of our club.

Click here to read the article. The article is in pdf format so you will need Acrobat Reader to open it. If you don't already have the programme, you can download it here:

Preliminary schedule:


00.00 - 18.00 UTC Automated music mix with station IDs and recorded material

18.00 - 22.00 UTC (20.00 - 24.00 CET/SNT) Live from the studio with members of DRAK and guests. Swedish/English. Svenska: Kyrkoherde Ulf Olsson (DRAK-medlem) kåserar och spelar skivor.
19.00 UTC (21.00 CET/SNT) Radio Dellen DX Show.

+46 073 033 9055 (within Sweden: 073 033 9055)

So what has actually happened sofar?

Sept. 25 After a few successful test transmissions where Radio Ljusdal was relayed, we got our own studio on the air at 22.00 UTC. Unfortunately, there were problems with the sound quality and the first live broadcast from the studio was restricted to music and station IDs while a lot of soldering was taking place to improve the signal to the MW transmitter. The studio is situated some 1 km from the transmitter site and an 1.5 watts HF link working on 336 and 357 MHz is used for feeding the transmitter. We finally got a good sound quality from the studio when the automated music mix was switched on at midnight UTC, but later we experienced a very distorted signal and we finally had to go back to relaying Radio Ljusdal. At the moment (10 UTC) it is not clear when everything will be sorted out so we have decided to cancel the live broadcasts that would have taken place at 16.00 UTC on Friday, September 26. We will make some short live tests from the studio as soon as the problems have been fixed and we expect that the Saturday and Sunday broadcasts will run as planned. Meanwhile, we are relaying Radio Ljusdal.
From Oxkangar in Finland, Per Johan Nylund reports hearing us with a good signal at 12.50 UTC and also at 18.45 UTC; however with interference primarily from Spanish stations. Anyone else hearing us, please mail us at

Sept. 26 The sound quality problem has now been solved and the automated mix is running well. On the hour our interval signal (a few bars of "Delsbo brudmarsch") is played. DX-er Björn Fransson reports hearing us on the island of Gotland, Sweden around 22.00 UTC with a good signal.
During this day there will be celebrations at the DRAK club house in Delsbo, starting at 10.00 UTC (12.00 CET/SNT). You may expect some unscheduled live broadcasts from our studio.

Sept. 27 Today, Delsbo Radioklubb celebrated its 30th anniversary at the clubs premises at Edeskolan, Delsbo. A lot of members turned up for a friendly chat and the special birthday cakes that had been made for our club. After taking some photos for the clubs album, we started live broadcasts from Radio Dellen already at 13.00 UTC, because some members had to leave soon and we wanted to make interviews with them on the air.
The show ran until 18.00 UTC and was hosted by Ronny Forslund and Peter Stillberg. A number of phone calls and reception reports by e-mail during the programme showed that reception was good in many areas. From Norway, Odd-Jorgen Sagdahl of Trondheim reported hearing us with a very good signal (S9+10!). Odd-Jorgen also told us that he had experienced great reception of stations from the Far East, so naturally we wanted to check out for ourselves. When Ronny Forslund and Jan Edh returned to the listening shack at Fredriksfors after the broadcast, a number of Japanese mediumwave stations were heard with good signals. Jan later claimed that he had not heard anything like it since the 60s! Stations from Korea and Taiwan were also heard, plus a number of mainland Chinese stations. At sunrise this morning we experienced good reception from Radio Santa Rosa in Lima, Peru on MW 1500 kHz plus a number of other Peruvians. Let's hope there is still something left to hear tonight. And keep on listening to Radio Dellen and give us a call +46 650 199 93 (within Sweden: 0650 - 199 93) or mail us at

Sept. 28 According to phone reports from various parts of Sweden, the signal of Radio Dellen is quite strong at various locations. Bengt Ericsson in Växjö reports a very strong signal in the morning well after sunrise. This days programme was presented by Ronny Forslund and Peter Stillberg with guests Rolf Larsson and chairman Dan Andersson of DRAK. We also played some interesting radio recordings in the programme. Tomorrow Monday will be our last day on the air this time and we will be broadcasting live from the studio from 18.00 to 22.00 UTC (20.00 to 24.00 CET/SNT). Do join us, won't you.

73 & GOOD DX
The Radio Dellen Team / Delsbo Radioklubb

If you want to know what happened during our summer broadcasts, check out our diary.

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