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This (the fifth) edition of the Record Collector's Guide is the most comprehensive so far. In this book you will find information about dealers, fanclubs and fanzines covering the most musical styles plus information about collectors worldwide who are interested in new trade contacts plus buying, selling and exchanging information. In short, this is a valuable contact network for record collectors and dealers. The Record Collector's Guide 1997/98 also has some articles related to the record collecting hobby - for instance on Twink - 60's/70's icon on the British rock scene, the recordings of writer Jack Kerouac plus 60's Swedish beat heroes The Fabulous Four. The Guide also contains lots of tips on how to use the Internet in your record collecting hobby. Whether you are looking for new sources of material, new trade contacts or want to exchange information with other enthusiasts you will benefit from this book. You can also have a FREE listing in the directories of the next edition by completing the entry form in the book and send it in ort submit your details by registering online. At the moment it's not clear if the next Guide will come out in printed or electronic form so this book is the most up-to-date available at the moment.
The RECORD COLLECTOR's GUIDE 1997/98 is now offered at the special price of US$10 worldwide (postage included). Payment by cash in (reg.) letter or through PayPal  .

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Svenska kunder kan beställa SKIVSAMLARGUIDEN genom att betala in 70:- på postgiro 475 78 84 - 4 (betalningsmottagare Ronny Forslund).  Portot är inkluderat).
A new edition of the Record Collector's Guide is in the planning stage - planned release spring 2004!

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