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PAUL ANKA Anka at the Copa 1960, Karusell stickers on cover, stereo (US ABC Paramount VG+ 150:-
BEE GEES Marley Purt Drive 1969 (UK Polydor) VG 65:-
BEE GEES Bonanza - the early days 2-LP 1978, recordings from 1963-1966, great collection! (UK Pickwick) VG+ 90:-
NICOLE BERGERE A night with Nicole 1963, co, erotic/spoken words LP (US Intimate) VG+ 150:-
CHUCK BERRY Greatest hits vol. 2 2-LP, sobc, great collection! (SW Sonet Grand Prix) VG+ 125:-
CHUCK BERRY Chuck Berry's golden decade 2-LP 1972 release of 1967 album (UK Chess) VG+ 150:-
CHUCK BERRY Sweet little 16 rock-n-roll hits 1976, soc, orig. recordings from 1955-1964, some ringwear, "Sonic series" (UK Philips) VG+ 75:-
CHUCK BERRY The best of the best of.... 1978, original recordings from 1955-1972 (US Gusto) VG++ 90:-
CHUCK BERRY Chuck Berry's golden decade 2-LP 1980, great collection of original recordings from the 1950s/60s, soc (IT Frog) M- 125:-
CHUCK BERRY Rockin' with.... 1980, "Success series", small LT (NL Philips) VG++ 75:-
TONY BLACKBURN same 1969, famous radio DJ from Radio Caroline, Radio London and BBC (UK Polydor) VG+ 90:-
HUGO BLANCO & HIS GROUP Ritmo tropicál 1969, cumbia, soc (GE Polydor) VG+ 65:-
BYRDS 1964-71 2-LP 1971 (NL CBS) VG 65:-
LOU CHRISTIE Strikes again 1966 (US Colpix) VG+ 90:-
PETULA CLARK The other man's grass is always greener 1968, cut corner (US Warner Bros./Seven Arts) VG+ 90:-
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Green River 1969, sm. split (US Fantasy) VG+ 90:-
CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Willy and The Poor Boys 1969 (SW Liberty) VG(+) 75:-
FATS DOMINO Star-collection 1972, 1tr.=VG (NO Midi) VG+ 45:-
CONNIE FRANCIS Do the twist 1962, co, slight sm. split, small woc (US MGM) VG+ 150:-
CONNIE FRANCIS Connie's greatest hits 1975 (GE Metro) VG+ 75:-
JUDY GARLAND At home at the Palace opening night 1967, co (US ABC) M- 125:-
LESLEY GORE Love love love 1968 (US Wing) VG+ 125:-
BILL HALEY Mister Rock'n'Roll 1969 (UK Ember) VG+ 75:-
HERMAN'S HERMITS The famous 1968, stmc (GE Die Volksplatte) VG+ 65:-
ADOLPH HOFNER South Texas swing - his early recordings 1935-1955 1980, western swing (US Arhoolie) VG+ 125:-
HOLLIES Would you believe 1966, 1tr.=VG, some creases on cover (UK Parlophone) VG+ 125:-
HOLLIES Sing Dylan 1969 (UK Parlophone) VG+ 150:-
WANDA JACKSON Leave my baby alone 1969, 1tr.=VG (US Hilltop) VG+ 75:-
DAMITA JO Go go with.... 1965, sobc (US RCA Camden) VG+ 90:-
ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM Wave 1972 release of 1967 album, w. lyrics in Japanese, bossa nova/jazz, gatefold (JAP King) M- 350:-
AL JOLSON The Jolson Story - Among my souvenirs 1957, rec. from 1928-30 (UK Brunswick) M- 90:-
AL JOLSON Let me sing and I'm happy 1962, rec. from 1924-1930 (UK Ace of Hearts) VG+ 90:-
SPIKE JONES & H. CITY SLICKERS Murders them all 2-LP 1973, oförlikneliga tolkningar av kända klassiker. lysande! (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 125:-
PER-ERIK JONSSON Good golly Per-Erik 1976, 11-åringen från Hylands Hörna med riktigt bra pianorock i Jerry Lee-stil, hans första LP (SW Columbia) VG++ 150:-
BRENDA LEE Coming on strong 1966, some creases on cover (UK Brunswick) VG 65:-
BRENDA LEE The legends of rock 2-LP 1973, great collection! (GE Coral) VG(+) 75:-
JERRY LEE LEWIS Golden hits 1969 release of 1963 album, Smash recordings, great piano rock'n'roll! Needle jump on B2 (NL Philips) VG+ 65:-
JERRY LEE LEWIS The best of Volume II 1978, shrink wrap (US Mercury) M- 90:-
LITTLE RICHARD same 1970, co, sm. split, toc, Vee Jay recordings (GE Kama Sutra) VG+ 75:-
TRINI LOPEZ At PJ's 1963, incl. "If I had a hammer", live (US Reprise) VG+ 90:-
LOVIN' SPOONFUL Hums of.... 1966, sobc, 1tr.=VG (GE Kama Sutra) VG+ 75:-
LULU The most of.... 1971, 1tr.=VG (UK MFP) + 65:-
MACHITO At the crescendo 1961, live, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Mambo, Latin Jazz (US GNP Crescendo) VG+ 90:-
MAMAS & PAPAS The mamas and the papas 1966, second album, black label, small cw (GE RCA Victor) VG+ 65:-
MAMAS & PAPAS Farewell to the first golden era 1967 (US Dunhill) VG+ 90:-
MAMAS & PAPAS The hits of gold 1968 (UK Stateside) VG+ 90:-
DEAN MARTIN same 1972, 1960s recordings (NL MFP) VG+ 65:-
CHAD MITCHELL TRIO Blowin' in the wind 1963 (US Kapp) VG+ 90:-
MUSIC EXPLOSION Little bit o'soul 1967 (US Laurie) VG+ 75:-
NINA & FREDERIK same 1964, soc (DK Metronome) VG++ 90:-
ARMANDO OREFICHE  & HIS HAVANA CUBAN BOYS same 1967, Puerto Rican group, Latin, Bolero, Cha-Cha, Cubano, Danzon, Mambo, Rumba, Son Montuno (US Montilla) VG+ 150:-
PER-ERIK & THUNDERBIRDS Bop-a-lena 1981 (SW Four Leaf Records) M- 90:-
CARL PERKINS King of rock 1968, great collection of songs from his time on Columbia 1958-1962 (UK CBS) VG+ 150:-
CARL PERKINS Matchbox 1971 (US Hilltop) VG+ 90:-
CARL PERKINS Brown-eyed handsome man 1972, sobc (NL CBS) VG(+) 75:-
PETER, PAUL & MARY Peter, Paul & Mommy 1969, gatefold, 1tr.=VG(-) (US Warner Bros.) VG+ 45:-
EDITH PIAF Sincerely 1960, blue Col. logo, worn inner sleeve (UK Columbia) VG+ 90:-
P.J. PROBY Somewhere 1965, soc (US Liberty) VG++ 90:-
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Go ahead and cry 1966 (GE Verwe) VG+ 90:-
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Sayin' somethin' 1967 (GE Verwe) VG++ 90:-
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Souled out 1967 (GE Verwe) M- 90:-
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Greatest hits 1973 release of 1967, RE, soc (GE Verwe) VG+ 75:-
BILLY LEE RILEY The legendary Sun performers 1977, his fantastic 1950s Sun recordings plus a few tracks recorded in 1969, great LP! (UK Charly) M- 90:-
ROCK-RAGGE m. FRIDENS KILOWATT & RIVALER Rock'n'roll my way 1972, soc (SW Odeon) VG+ 125:-
ROHDES ROCKERS Hell driver rock 1977 (SW Marilla) M- 75:-
SAM THE SHAM & PHARAOHS Li'l Red Riding Hood 1966, sm. split (US MGM) VG+ 90:-
KJELL & ROLF SAMUELSSON Tour the USA 1967, två i brödragruppen Samuelssons som blev stora under 1970-talet, Southern Gospel (US Heart Warming Records) M- 90:-
PETE SEEGER We shall overcome 1963, live Carnegie Hall, sobc, probably early 1970s press (UK CBS) VG++ 90:-
DEL SHANNON Golden hits - the best of.... 1967 (US Dot) VG+ 90:-
SIMON & GARFUNKEL Wednesday morning, 3 AM 1968 release of 1964 LP, their first album, incl. "The sounds of silence" (UK CBS) VG+ 125:-
RAY SMITH It's great it's.... 1976, GREAT ROCK'N'ROLL/ROCKABILLY! (US Rock'n'Roll Rec.) M- 150:-
JOE SOUTH Walkin' shoes 1970 (US Mine) VG+ 90:-
SPOTNICKS By request 1968, instr./vocal (SW InterDisc) VG(+) 75:-
BARBRA STREISAND Colour me Barbra 1966, rarely seen in this condition! (UK CBS) M- 125:-
TEN YEARS AFTER Undead 1968, live (UK Deram) VG+ 250:-
TOKENS It's a happening world 1967, incl. "Portrait of my love", shrink wrap, orig. inner sleeve, stmc (US Warner Bros.) M- 90:-
TOKENS Both sides now 1970, com some loose laminate on cover(US Buddah) M- 65:-
CONWAY TWITTY Star spangled songs 1970, soc, more rock than country (UK Sounds Superb) VG+ 75:-
ORSON WELLES The begatting of the President 1969, cut corner (US Mediarts) M- 90:-
GENE VINCENT Rock and roll classics vol. 1 1970, great collection of 1950s songs, 1tr.=VG (NL Capitol) VG+ 65:-
GENE VINCENT & SHOUTS Pioneers of rock vol. 1 1971 release of 1964 LP (UK Starline) VG+ 75:-
YARDBIRDS Legends of.... vol. 3 1982, great LP! (GE Babylon) M- 90:-

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