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HUGUES AUFRAY Hugues 1968, gatefold, some loose laminate at spine (FR Barclay) VG+
LOU CHRISTIE Lightnin' strikes 1965, co (US MGM) VG++
NAT KING COLE Love is a many splendored thing 1971 (US Pickwick) VG(+)
NAT KING COLE The beautiful moods of.... 2-LP 1974 (US Pickwick) VG+
EILEEN DONAGHY Boys from County Armagh 1961, RE, Irish singer (UK Fontana Special) VG+
FOUR JACKS AND A JILL Fables 1968, co (US RCA Victor) M-
ROBIN HALL & JIMMIE McGREGOR One over the eight 1969, folk/country (UK Mercury) VG+
BURL IVES The times they are a-changin' 1979 release of 1968 album (UK CBS/Embassy) VG+
MAHALIA JACKSON In concert 1967 (GE CBS) VG(+)
JOHN F. KENNEDY - the presidential years 1960-1963 a documentary 1964, incl. many excerpts from JFK speeches (US 20th Century Fox) M-
ANDY KIM Baby I love you 1969, co (US Steed) VG+
VERA LYNN The world of.... vol. 5 1973, rec. 1956, soc (UK Decca) M-
DEAN MARTIN That's amore 1967 release of 1959 album (UK Regal) VG+
DEAN MARTIN Supergold 2-LP 1979, rec. from 1952-1964, soc (SW Capitol) VG+
GISELA MAY Sjunger Brecht 1971, soc (SW Caprice) VG(+)
ESTHER & ABI OFARIM 2 in 3 1967, incl. "Cinderella Rockefella", gatefold (GE Philips) VG+
FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT & JOHN F. KENNEDY Actual speeches 1964 (US Somerset Library) M-
PETE SEEGER We shall overcome 1963, live Carnegie Hall, sobc, probably early 1970s press (UK CBS) VG++
BARBRA STREISAND My name is Barbra, Two.... 1966 (UK CBS) VG
ORSON WELLES The begatting of the President 1969, cut corner (US Mediarts) M-

70s/80s/90s LP

10 CC 100cc - greatest hits of.... 1975 (UK UK Records) VG+
10 CC Deceptive bends 1977, gatefold, stmc (SW Mercury) VG+
ACE TRUCKING COMPANY same 1970, cut corner, comedy (US RCA Victor) VG++
ADVENTURES same 1985, Irish-British rock group, co (US Chrysalis) M-
MORRIS ALBERT After we've left each other 1975, incl. "Feelings" (GE Metronome) VG++
ADAM ANT Friend or foe 1982 (NL CBS) M-
KIM APPLEBY same 1990 (GE Parlophone) M-
ART OF NOISE The best of... 1988, soc, 1tr.=VG (UK China) VG+
CHARLES AZNAVOUR The old-fashioned way 1972, gatefold (FR Barclay) M-
GEORGE BAKER SELECTION A song for you 1976, gatefold (SW EMI) VG+
PETER BARDENS Write my name in the dust 1971, co, soc, sm. split (US Verwe Forecast) VG+
TONI BASIL same 1983 (GE Virgin) M-
SHIRLEY BASSEY Nobody does it like me 1974 (UK U.A.) VG+
SHIRLEY BASSEY 25th Anniversary 2-LP 1978 (UK U.A.) VG+
SHIRLEY BASSEY What I did for love 1979, compilation of 1970s songs (SW U.A.) VG(+)
GILBERT BÉCAUD Moi, je veux chanter 1980 (FR Pathé) VG+
BEE GEES E.S.P. 1987 (CA W.B.) M-
PAT BENATAR Get nervous 1982 /2X/ (SW Chrysalis) M-
MARTIN BEST CONSORT To Carl Michael with love 1975, Bellman-tolkningar (SW HMV) VG+
BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Mirror image 1974 (NL CBS) M-
BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Brand new day 1977, shaped cover (US ABC) M-
BOBBY BLOOM The Bobby Bloom album 1970, pop/rock (US L&R) M-
HANNE BOEL Black wolf 1988 (NL Medley) VG+
HANNE BOEL Dark passion 1990 (NL Medley) VG+
DANIEL BOONE Beautiful Sunday 1971, soc (NO Penny Farthing) VG+
PAT BOONE Moon river & other movie themes 1973 (UK Rediffusion) VG+
BOY GEORGE Tense nervous headache 1988 (GE Virgin) VG+
ANGELO BRANDUARDI same 1974, folk rock singer/songwriter, his first album, soc (GE RCA Victor) VG+
JACQUES BREL "8" - ne me quitte pas 1978 release of 1972 album, gatefold (FR Barclay) M-
BRIAN BRIGGS Combat zone 1982 (US Bearsville) VG+
BETTE BRIGHT Rhythm breaks the ice 1981, soc (UK Korova) M-
IRENE CARA What a feelin' 1983 (NL Epic) VG+
ERIC CARMEN same 1976 (IT Arista) VG+
ERIK CARMEN Tonight you're mine 1980 (US Arista) VG+
KIM CARNES Mistaken identity 1981, soc, incl. "Bette Davis eyes" (NL EMI America) VG+
DAVID CASSIDY The higher they climb - the harder they fall 1975 (US RCA Victor) M-
CHER Love hurts 1991, inkl. "It's in his kiss" (GE Geffen) VG+
CHER Love hurts 1991. alternative cover (GE Geffen) VG+
TOM CLAY What the world needs now is love 1971, co (US MoWest) VG+
CLARENCE CLEMONS Hero 1985, incl. duet with Jackson Browne /2X/ (NL CBS) M-
JIMMY CLIFF Struggling man 1973, small wobc (UK Island) VG+
CLIMIE FISHER Everything 1987, soc (GE EMI) M-
COCK ROBIN same 1985 (NL CBS) VG+
LLOYD COLE & COMMOTIONS Easy pieces 1985, gd. indie pop, second album (GE Polydor) M-
LLOYD COLE & COMMOTIONS Mainstream 1987, gd. indie pop, third & final album, soc (GE Polydor) M-
HAZEL O'CONNOR Breaking glass 1980, soc (NL A&M) VG+
SONNY CURTIS same 1979, ex-Crickets (US Elektra) M-
DARTS same 1977, gd. revival, some ringwear (SW Magnet) VG+
JOE DASSIN 13 chansons nouvelles 1973, gatefold (NL CBS) VG+
SAMMY DAVIS JR. The song and dance man 1976, incl. "Baretta's theme", soc (NI 20th Century Records) VG+
SAMMY DAVIS JR. In person '77 1977, soc (GE RCA Victor) VG+
DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO same 1971, incl. "What are you doing Sunday", cut corner (US Bell) VG+
DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO Dawn's New Ragtime Follies 1973, cut corner (US Bell) VG+
ALAN O'DAY Appetizers 1977, small soc (US Pacific) VG+
TAYLOR DAYNE Can't fight fate 1989 (GE Arista) VG+
DEACON BLUE When the world knows your name 1989, Scottish pop/rock, gatefold, soc (UK CBS) M-
DEAD OR ALIVE Youthquake 1985, gatefold (UK Epic) M-
KIKI DEE Greatest hits 1980, soc (NO Rocket) VG+
DEREK & CLIVE (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) Come again 1977, classic comedy duo (UK Virgin) VG+
NEIL DIAMOND Tap root manuscript 1971 (UK MCA) VG+
NEIL DIAMOND His 12 greatest hits 1974 (US MCA) VG+
NEIL DIAMOND Beautiful noise 1976, gatefold, soc, prod. by Robbie Robertson (NL CBS) M-
DIE WIENER SÄNGERKNABEN same 2-LP 1972, w. insert (GE Philips) VG+
DIFFORD & TILBROOK (ex-Squeeze) same 1984, co (US A&M) M-
DON DIXON Romeo at Juilliard 1987, producer of R.E.M., Smithereens a.o. with own album, shrink wrap (US Enigma) M-
DODO & DODOS 1990, Danish band (NL Replay) VG+
DR. HOOK Sloppy seconds 1972, gatefold, sobc (NL CBS) M-
DR. HOOK Makin' love and music 1977 (SW Capitol) M-
DRIFTERS There goes my first love 1975, soc (UK Bell) VG+
DURAN DURAN Decade 1989 (GE EMI) VG+
YVES DUTEIL same 1979, gatefold, French singer/songwriter (FR Pathé) M-
EARTH, WIND & FIRE I am 1979, gatefold, soc (NL CBS) VG+
SHEENA EASTON Madness, money and music 1982 (NL EMI) VG+
ENYA Watermark 1988, 2nd album, incl. 'Orinoco flow' (GE WEA) VG+
EURYTHMICS Be yourself tonight 1985, w. lyrics (GE RCA) M-
EVERLY BROTHERS Stories we could tell 1972 (US RCA Victor) VG+
JOSÉ FELICIANO Fireworks 1970 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
JOSÈ FELICIANO For my love.... Mother Music 1974 (US RCA Victor) VG(+)
DAN FOGELBERG Windows and walls 1984, singer/songwriter (NL Full Moon) VG+
ELLEN FOLEY Spirit of St Louis 1981 /2X/ (NL Epic) VG+
ELLEN FOLEY Another breath 1983, w. press release, wobc (NL Epic) VG+
EMILE FORD Big hits 1970, incl. re-recording of "What do you wanna make those eyes at me for", soc /2X/ (SW Sonet Grand Prix) VG+
FREIHEIT Romancing in the dark 1987, soc (NL CBS) M-
DAVID FRYE Radio Free Nixon 1971, cut corner, great comedy album! (US Elektra) VG+
GASOLIN Gør det noget 1977, gatefold, small cw, soc (NL CBS) VG+
J. GEILS BAND Best of.... 2 1980 (US Atlantic) VG+
J. GEILS BAND Freeze frame 1981 (NL EMI America) M-
BOB GELDOF Deep in the heart of nowhere 1986, gatefold, sobc (NL Mercury) M-
GENESIS Live 1974, slight ringwear (US The Famous Charisma Label) VG+
WESS & DORI GHEZZI Era 1975, incl. the Eurovision song 'Era' (NO Philips) VG+
BARRY GIBB Now voyager 1984 (GE Polydor) VG+
STEVE GIBBONS BAND Down in the bunker 1978, cut corner (GE Polydor) VG+
PHILIP GOODHAND-TAIT same 1973, gatefold, co, scuffed edges, soc, UK singer/songwriter, ex-Stormsville Shakers (US 20th Century Records) VG+ 
KAREL GOTT Ma pizen 1972 (CZ Supraphon) VG+
EDDY GRANT Going for broke 1984, reggae (NL Ice) VG+
CAROL HALL If I be your lady 1971, singer/songwriter, first LP. cut corner, w. lyrics (US Elektra) VG+
CAROL HALL Beads and feathers 1972, cut corner (US Elektra) VG+
DIRK HAMILTON Meet me at the Croix 1978, co, Indiana singer/songwriter, red label (US Elektra) M-
JERRY HARRISON (of Talking Heads) Casual gods 1988, soc (NL Fontana) VG+
OFRA HAZA Shaday 1988 (GE Teldec) VG+
HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ Big time 1989 (US MCA) M-
HANA HEGEROVÁ Recital 2 1973, w. booklet (CZ Supraphon) VG+
NONA HENDRYX Female trouble 1987 (CA EMI America) M-
DAN HILL Hold on 1976 (NL 20th Century Records) VG+
HONEY DRIPPERS Vol. 1 1984, mini-LP feat. Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant (GE Esparanza) VG+
HOODOO GURUS Blow your cool! 1987 (SW Big Time) VG+
HOTHOUSE FLOWERS People 1988, incl. "Don't go" (NL London) VG+
LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS The world of.... 1973 (SW Decca) VG+
LES HUMPHRIES SINGERS Carnival 1973 (SW Decca) VG+
JULIO IGLESIAS Olympia 2o parte 1979 (IT Oxford) M-
JULIO IGLESIAS A vous le femmes 1979, gatefold, soc (NL CBS) VG+
JULIO IGLESIAS Momentos 1982, gatefold (NL`CBS) VG+
JULIO IGLESIAS 1100 Bel Air Place 1984, w. lyrics, incl. Diana Ross, Willie Nelson & Beach Boys (NL CBS) M-
JULIO IGLESIAS Libra 1985, w. lyrics (UK CBS) M-
JULIO IGLESIAS Un hombre solo 1987 (NL CBS) VG+
I-LEVEL same 1983, sol, British RNB (UK Virgin) VG+
INDOCHINE Le péril jaune 1984, French new wave, EKO129 (SW Stranded) M-
BURL IVES Live in Europe 1979, live Oslo Concert House March 31, 1979, soc (NO Polydor) VG+
HENRY JACKSON COMPANY Just being alive 1975, sacred music (SW Myrrh) VG+
AL JARREAU L is for lover 1986, soc (GE WEA) VG+
BILLY JOEL 52nd Street 1978 (NL CBS) VG+
DAVID JOHANSEN Live it up 1982 (NL Blue Sky) VG+
ELTON JOHN The fox 1981 (NO Rocket) VG+
QUINCY JONES Back on the block 1989 (GE Qwest) VG+
TOM JONES Close up 1972, sm. split, soc (UK Decca) VG+
TOM JONES Sings 24 great standards 2-LP, 1976 release, gd. collection (UK Decca) VG+
HUBERT KAH Ten songs 1986 (GE Ariola) VG+
KAMAHL The elephant song 1976 /2X/ (NO Philips) VG+
KATRINA & WAVES Waves 1986, incl. "Sun Street" (NL Capitol) M-
KID CREOLE & COCONUTS Fresh fruit in foreign places 1981 (US Sire VG+
KID CREOLE & COCONUTS Tropical gangsters 1982 (SW Ze Records) VG+
FREDDY KRISTOFFERSEN Sommer hele året 1980 (NO Philips) M-
CLEO LAINE Gonna get through 1978, soc (US RCA Victor) M-
AUDREY LANDERS Little river 1983, sobc (GE Ariola) VG+
KIM LARSEN 451023-0637 1979, soc (NL CBS) VG+
KIM LARSEN Jungle dreams 1981 /2X/ (NL CBS) VG+
DANNY LEE & THE CHILDREN OF TRUTH Essence 1975, gospel (UK Key Records) VG+
VICKY LEANDROS same 1972 (GR Philips) VG+
VICKY LEANDROS Le disque d'or de.... 1977, soc (NL Philips Success) M-
LEAPY LEE same 1970, incl. "Little yellow aeroplane" (US Decca) VG+
BJARTE LEITHAUG Olgas Basar 1983, stmc (NO CMP) VG+
ANNE LINNET BAND Cha cha cha 1982, soc (NL CBS) M-
LIVING IN A BOX 'gatecrashing 1989 (UK Chrysalis) VG+
LOBO A cowboy afraid of horses 1975, sol (SW Philips) VG(+)
LOGGINGS & MESSINA Full sail 1973, gatefold, soc, ringwear (US CBS) VG+
MADNESS Utter Madness 1986 (UK Zarjazz) VG+
MANHATTAN TRANSFER Coming out 1976 (US Atlantic) VG+
MANHATTAN TRANSFER The best of.... 1981 (GE Atlantic) M-
MANHATTAN TRANSFER Vocalese 1985 (GE Atlantic) M-
BARRY MANILOW A Manilow magic 1983, incl. "Mandy" & "Copacabana" (NL Arista) M-
BENNY MARDONES Thank God for girls 1978, prod. by Andrew Loog Oldham (US Private Stock) VG+
ZIGGY MARLEY & THE MELODY MAKERZ Conscious party 1988, reggae (GE Virgin) M-
ZIGGY MARLEY & MELODY MAKERS One bright day 1989 (GE Virgin) VG+
BRETT MARVIN & THUNDERBOLTS Alias Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs 1972, soc, incl. "Seaside shuffle" (UK Sonet) VG+
MECO Moondancer 1979 (UK RCA Victor) VG+
MEN AT WORK Business as usual 1981, incl. "Down under" (NL CBS) M-
SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '77 Night and day 1971, bossa/Latin jazz/samba, sobc, 10 sec. click on A2 (NO A&M) VG+
MELINA MERCOURI Zorba 1972, gatefold (FR Polydor) VG+
MUNICH MACHINE A whiter shade of pale - introducing Chris Bennett 1978, Giorgio Moroder-prod., woc (US Casablanca) VG++
OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN Greatest hits 1977, gatefold, soc (SW EMI) VG++
OLIVIA NEWTÒN JOHN Totally hot 1978, soc /2X/ (SW Polar) VG+
OLIVIA NEWTÒN JOHN Physical 1981, gatefold (SW Polar) VG+
OSMONDS Brain storm 1976 (UK Polydor/Kolob) VG+
PET SHOP BOYS Introspective 1988 (GE Parlophone) VG+
PETERS & LEE We can make it 1973 (UK Philips) M-
PLATTERS same 1976, w. 1970s versions of some old hits (US Springboard) VG+
PRETENDERS same 1979, first album (SW Real) VG+
ERIC PRINCE The admirable Mr. Prince 1973, SIGNERAD/AUTOGRAPHED (UK Prince) VG+
QUEEN IDA & BON TEMPS ZYDECO BAND On tour 1981, soc (UK Sonet) VG+
RAINMAKERS Tornado 1986, soc (US Mercury) VG+
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Give it to the people 1974, soc (US Capitol) VG+
AUSTIN ROBERTS same 1972, co (US Chelsea) VG+
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Give it to the people  1974, orig. inner sleeve, soc (US Haven/Capitol) VG++
KENNY ROGERS & FIRST EDITION Transition 1971, woc (US Reprise) VG+
JENNIFER RUSH International version 1985 (GE CBS) M-
SCRITTI POLITTI Cupid & psyche 85 1985 (GE Virgin) M-
NEIL SEDAKA All you need is the music 1978, soc, stmc, disco (NO Polydor) VG+
FRANK SINATRA Collection portrait de.... 1981 release of old recordings (FR Atoll) VG+
SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Midnight sun 1983, soc, incl. "Meet me in Stockholm" (SW Sonet) VG+
ROD STEWART Blondes have more fun 1978, gatefold (CA W.B.) VG+
ROD STEWART Every beat of my heart 1986 (US W.B.) M-
RAY STEVENS Everyting is beautiful 1970, orig. inner sleeve (UK CBS) VG+
LIS SØRENSEN Hjerternes sang 1989 (GE RCA) VG+
JAHN TEIGEN This year's loser 1979 (NO RCA Victor) VG+
JAHN TEIGEN Hopp 78-83 1983 (NO Polydor) M-
B.J. THOMAS Help me make it (to my rockin' chair) 1975, cut corner (US ABC) M-
BONNIE TYLER Natural force 1978 (SW RCA Victor) VG+
BONNIE TYLER Goodbye to the island 1981, toc (UK RCA) VG+
UB 40 UB 44 1981 (UK Dep Int.) M-
DIONNE VARWICK Friends 1985 (GE Arista) M-
WET WET WET Popped in souled out 1987 (NL Mercury) M-
JANE WIEDLIN Fur  1988, sobc (GE EMI Manhattan) M-
VILLAGE PEOPLE Cruisin' 1978 (SW Arrival) VG+
VILLAGE PEOPLE Go west 1979, w. poster (CA Casablanca) M-


MARIE FREDRIKSSON Efter stormen 1987, gatefold (SW EMI) VG+
GYLLENE TIDER Puls 1982, gatefold, soc (SW Parlophone) VG+


BLUES BAND Official Bluesband bootleg album 1980, soc, stmc, great blues album! (SW EMI) VG++
LITTLE BIG BLUES BAND Jump music 1986, soc, med Hannes Råstam (SW Discreet) VG+
JOSH WHITE same 1967, folk/blues (US Archive of Folk Music) VG+


BJÖRN ALRIKSSON m. COUNTRY ROAD Harpin' for John and Charlotte 1981, soc (SW RCA Victor) VG++
LYNN ANDERSON Rose garden 1971, soc, sobc (NL CBS) VG++
BOBBY BARE I'm a long way from home 1971, sobc, some ringwear (US RCA Camden) VG+
JOEY BISHOP Sings country western 1968, co (US ABC) VG++
EDDIE BOND Sings the legend of Buford Pusser 1973, co (US Enterprise) VG+
COUNTRYMASARNA same 1975, some ringwear (SW GM Produktion AB) VG+
COUNTRY ROAD Something new and different 1973, soc (SW Viking) VG+
BILLY CRASH CRADDOCK Rub it in 1974, cut corner (US ABC) M-
DANNY DAVIS & NASHVILLE BRASS Live in Vegas 1977 (US RCA Victor) M-
CHAD EVERETT All strung out 1971, cdo, ringwear (US Marina) VG+
DONNA FARGO The best of....1977 (US ABC Dot) M-
DONNA FARGO U.S. of A. 1978, slight ringwear (SW ABC) VG+
FREDDY FENDER Rock'n'country 1976, small wobc (US ABC Dot) M-
ROGER MILLER Greatest hits 1985, some creases on cover (UK Contour) VG+
NEW STRANGERS Back to the mountains 1974, soc, small woc (SW EMI) VG++
NEW STRANGERS Come closer 1976, soc (SW EMI) VG+
DOLLY PARTON 9 to 5 and odd jobs 1980, w. lyrics, some ringwear (UK RCA Victor) VG+
CHARLEY PRIDE I'm just me  1971, soc, shrink wrap (US RCA Victor) VG+
RANK STRANGERS Country our way 1969 (SW Polydor) VG(+)
JIM REEVES The international.... 1963, Canadian release, slight ringwear (CA RCA Victor) VG(+)
JIM REEVES Good 'n' country  1976, soc, wobc (GE RCA Int.) VG+
CHARLIE RICH Tomorrow night 1973, sm. split (US RCA Victor) VG+
CHARLIE RICH The silver fox 1974, soc (UK Epic) VG+
MARTY ROBBINS Tonight Carmen 1967, stain on backside (UK CBS) VG+
MARTY ROBBINS The Marty Robbins collection 2-LP 1971 (UK Hallmark) VG+
SAMMI SMITH Girl hero 1979 (US Cyclone) VG++
SONS OF THE PIONEERS Sing campfire favorites 1967, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+
BILLY JO SPEARS The best of.... 1975, "Vine" series (UK Capitol) VG+
STATLER BROTHERS Flowers on the wall 1966 (UK CBS) VG++
JOE SUN with SHOTGUN Livin' on honky tonk time 1980, shrink wrap (US Ovation) M-
DIANA TRASK Lean it all on me 1974, cut corner (US Dot) VG+
BILL "EDD" WHEELER Love 1971, co, stmc /2X/ (US RCA Victor) VG+
TAMMY WYNETTE In love 1976 (UK Hallmark) VG+


ROBIN GEORGE Dangerous music  1984, w. lyrics (GE Bronze) VG+
MEAT LOAF Dead ringer 1981, sobc (NL Epic/Cleveland Int.) VG++
MEAT LOAF Midnight at The Lost and Found 1983, soc (NL Epic/Cleveland Int.) M-
MEAT LOAF Bad attitude 1984, sobc (NL Arista) M-


LOUIS ARMSTRONG Satchmo's all-time greatest hits 2-LP 1980, soc, live recordings (GE Historia) M-
ALICE BABS Alice in Israel 1972 (SW Swedish Society Discofil) VG
BENNY CARTER & H. ORCH. same 1974, some ringwear (US Alamac) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY & H. ORCH. I'm getting sentimental over you 1973 (US Pickwick) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY & H. ORCH. At the Fat Man's 1977, rec. from 1946-48, some ringwear (UK Hep Records) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY The best of.... 1977 (US Springboard) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY & H. ORCH. The best of.... 1984 (GE MCA) VG+
DUKE ELLINGTON & H.ORCH. same 1970 (UK Crown) VG+
BENNY GOODMAN Pure gold 1975 (US RCA) VG+
BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH. Swing with.... 1985, soc (FR CBS) VG+
EARL HINES & JIMMY RUSHING Blues and things 1979 release of 1967 record (FR Jazz Legacy) VG+
STAN KENTON Stan Kenton today 2-LP 1972, recorded live in London, Phase 4 stereo (UK Decca) M- 90:-
KING OLIVER I garndi del jazz 1980, gatefold, w. insert, rec. from 1923 (IT Il Grandi di Jazz) VG+
LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & ROSS w. ZOOT SIMS The swingers! 1984 (UK Affinity) VG+
GEORGE LEWIS & KID THOMAS Ragtime stompers 1962, RE (US GHB) M-
LOUIS ARMSTRONG & THE DUKES OF DIXIELAND Louie and the Dukes 1960 (FR Audio Fidelity) VG+
MAGGIE'S BLUE FIVE The world's jazz crazy 1972 (SW Kenneth) VG+
ROY PALMER w. MEMPHIS NIGHT HAWKS/CHICAGO RHYTHM KINGS Rent party playing tonight 1972, recordings from 1932-1936, soc (DK Collector's Classics) VG+
ARTIE SHAW The best of.... 1967, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+
ARTIE SHAW And his orchestra Vol. 2 1941-1945, Black & White series 1979, soc (FR RCA) M-
SWEDISH RADIO BIG BAND Gloomy eyes 1981, cw on inner sleeve, inkl. signaturen till "Smoke rings" (SW Polar) VG+
JACK TEAGARDEN Jazz maverick 1969 release of 1961 album, soc (US Roulette) VG+
FATS WALLER Fractious fingering 1967, Vintage series, recordings from 1936, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+
BILL WATROUS Reflections 1987 (US Soundwings) VG+
V.A. BIRD WITH THE HERD 1972, Charlie Parker w. Woody Herman's Orchestra, rec. from 1951, shrink wrap (US Alamac) VG+


GLORIA GAYNOR Glorious 1977, cut corner, some ringwear (US Polydor) M-
GLORIA GAYNOR Love tracks 1978 (NO Polydor) VG+
GIBSON BROTHERS Que será mi vida and other smash hits 1980, soc (SW Mariann Int) VG+
GIBSON BROTHERS On the Riviera 1980, soc (SW Mariann International) VG+
ROY HEAD Same people 1970, funk/soul, co (US Dunhill) M-
POINTER SISTERS Having a party 1977, cut corner, shrink wrap (US Blue Thumb) M-
POINTER SISTERS Special things 1980 (US Planet) VG+
POINTER SISTERS Serious slammin' 1988 (GE RCA) VG+
DIANA ROSS & SUPREMES Sing and perform "Funny girl" 1968, soc, toc (SW Tamla Motown) VG+
RUFUS AND CHAKA KHAN Stompin' at the Savoy 2-LP 1983, soc (GE W.B.) VG+
AMII STEWART Knock on wood 1979, soc, sobc (GE Ariola) VG++
STEVIE WONDER Journey through the secret life of plants 1979 (SW Motown) VG+


"BEATLEMANIA - orig. cast album 1978, WHITE LABEL PROMO, cut corner, live (US Arista) M-
"FINIAN'S RAINBOW" Soundtrack w. Fred Astaire, Petula Clark, Tommy Steele a.o. 1968, soc, cut corner (US Warner Bros./Seven Arts) VG+
"FOUL PLAY" Soundtrack incl. Barry Manilow "Copacabana" 1978, shrink wrap (US Arista) M-
LA GRANDE STORIA DEL ROCK 22 w. Martha Reeves, Rufus Thomas, Nashville Teens, Troggs 1981, gatefold (IT Curcio) M-
"HAIR" Orig. Soundtrack 2-LP 1979 (SW RCA Victor) VG+
"O LUCKY MAN" - the original soundtrack, music and songs by Alan Price 1973, gatefold (US W.B.) VG+
"RAIN MAN" Soundtrack 1989 (GE Capitol) VG+
SÅNG OCH MUSIK FRÅN OSBY 1901-1981 80 år 1981, med en mängd olika lokala musiker (SW Ungdomsstjärnan) M-
TILLSAMMANS 1979 med Irene Svärdh, Jan Raymonds, Kentons, Lates, Kaisers, Hogs och andra band från Ljusdalstrakten på litet lokalt skivbolag. (SW Wig Wam) M-


SVEND ASMUSSEN Evergreens 1971, German press (SW Telestar) VG+
RAY CONNIFF Friendly persuasion 1964, soc (NL CBS) VG+
RAY CONNIFF This is my song 1967, soc (UK CBS) VG+
RAY CONNIFF Live concert in stereo 2-LP 1969, soc (GE CBS) VG+
FLOYD CRAMER Class of '72 1972, co (US RCA Victor) VG+
ROBERTO DELGADO The very best of.... 1970 (UK Polydor) VG+
EKSEPTION same 1971 (SW Philips) VG(+)
SNUFF GARRETT'S TEXAS OPERA COMPANY Classical country 1976, co (US Ranwood) VG+
BJÖRN J:SON LINDH Våta vingar 1980, gatefold, soc (SW Sonet) VG+
JOE LOSS & H. ORCH. Plays 36 all time hits 1960 - Party dance time, orig. inner sleeve (UK HMV) M-
HANK MARR Greasy spoon 1969, funk/soul/exotica instr., co (US King) VG+
SAN FERNANDO BRASS The new brass sound of the hits 1972, quadraphonic soundf (US Capitol CP) VG+
AL SIGMUND Pleasure trip 1987, synth, soc (GE Coloursound Library) VG+
THE JOHN FOX SYNTHONIC ORCH. Pomp and glory - the best of Edward Elgar 1987, synth versions of Elgar's music (GE Sonoton) VG+
V.A. MUSIC FOR TEENS w. John Wallis & His Boys, Jack Barner, Pablo Rotero's Mexicans a.o. 1967 (GE Metronome) VG+


OLLE ADOLPHSON Visor 1980 release of 1962 album (SW Telestar) VG+
ADOLPHSON & FALK I nattens lugn 1986, sobc (SW Air) VG+
BJÖRN AFZELIUS BAND Bakom kulisserna 1979, soc (SW Nacksving) VG+
BJÖRN AFZELIUS & GLOBETROTTERS Nio liv 1985, sobc (SW Nackswing) VG+
ELISABETH ANDREASSON Angel of the morning 1981, soc, inkl. "Killen ner' på Konsum svär att han är Elvis" (SW Mariann) VG+
ANN-KRISTIN same 1974, Ann-Kristin Hedmark (SW Decca) VG+
ANN-LOUISE (HANSSON) You ought to write yourself a love song 1978 (SW GlenDisc) VG+
ANN-LOUISE (HANSSON) Comin' home 1979 /2X/ (SW GlenDisc) VG+
ANN-LOUISE (HANSSON) Waves of love 1980, very country-flavoured album /2X/(SW GlenDisc) VG+
ARJA (SAIJONMAA) Samma himmel samma sol 1989, sobc (SW Big Bag) VG+
LARS BERGHAGEN same 1970, gatefold, soc, sol, woc /2X/ (SW Karusell) VG
LARS BERGHAGEN Jennie, Jennie 1975, soc (SW Philips) VG+
LARS BERGHAGEN Jag ville bli någon 1976 (SW Philips) VG(+)
LASSE BERGHAGEN Tillsammans igen 1980 (NL CBS) VG+
MARIE BERGMAN Heya he'ya 1990 (SW The Record Station) VG+
ULLA BILLQUIST Kring de små husen i gränderna vid hamnen 1972, insp. från 1940-44, soc (SW Sonora) VG+
ANNA BOOK Killsnack 1985, sobc (NL CBS) VG+
CAROLA Främling 1983 (SW Mariann) VG+
CAROLA Runaway 1986, produced by Robin & Maurice Gibb (GE Polydor) M-
CHIPS Having a party 1982 (SW Mariann) M-
WILLIAM CLAUSON Sings with his Latin American Trio Los Tres Guaramex 1963 (SW Polydor) VG+
COOL CANDYS Go'bitar 4 1973 (SW Anette) VG+
COOL CANDYS Go'bitar 5 1974, soc, woc (SW Anette) VG+
COOL CANDYS Full gas 1976 (SW Anette) VG+
CUMULUS same 1977, inkl. "Höstvisa" (SW RCA Victor) VG+
EVA DAHLGREN För väntan 1981 /3X/ (NL Epic) VG+
EVA DAHLGREN Tvillingskäl 1982 /2X/(SW GlenDisc) VG+
EVA DAHLGREN Ett fönster mot gården 1987, soc  (SW The Record Station) VG+
EVA DAHLGREN Ung och stolt 1987 /2X/ (SW The Record Station) VG+
STEFAN DEMERT Marsch på er alla pannkakor 1971 (SW Sonet) VG+
DI SMÅ UNDER JÅRDI Rauk'N'Roll å lite lettje 1985, soc (SW Septima) VG+
ELISABETH same 1990, Elisabeth Andreasson (SW Sonet) M-
LEIF ENGVALLS Helges hjältar stormar 1977 (SW Safir) VG+
ARTUR ERIKSSON O helga natt, soc (SW Solist) VG+
OLLE ERIXONS Lördagskväll i parken 1979 (SW Roldex) VG+
MAX FENDERS En hjärtesak.... 3 1975, inkl. bra version av "Last stage west" (SW Polydor) VG+
YNGVE FORSELL'S ORCHESTRA Party music 4 1973, live, m. Ann-Kristin Hedmark (SW Decca) VG++
GÖRAN FRISTORP Psalmer 1989, soc (SW Cantio) M-
CURT HAAGERS Dansa kvack kvack 1981, soc (SW Mariann) VG+
ERLAND HAGEGÅRD Fröjda dig 1978 (SW Philips) VG+
HARPO Smile 1976, soc (SW EMI) VG+
MARITZA HORN Jämmer och elände 1978, soc (SW Metronome) VG+
PIERRE ISACSSON Pierre igen 1977 (SW Polydor) VG+
KAJSA & MALENA Den andra världen 1988 (SW HiFidelity) VG+
KIKKI (DANIELSSON) Singles bar 1983 (SW Mariann) VG+
KIKKI (DANIELSSON) Midnight sunshine 1984 (SW Mariann) VG+
LENA-MARIA Lena-Marias nya 1981, soc (SW Columbia) VG+
LENA-MARIA Lena-Marias nya 1981, stmc, some ringwear (SW Columbia) VG+
LILI & SUSSIE Anytime 1988 (SW EMI) VG+
ANITA LINDBLOM Sjunger Jules Sylvain 1974  (SW Marilla) VG+
FOLKE LINDESJÖ'S ORKESTER Fredagskväll igen 1976, SIGNERAD (SW GM-Produktion) VG+
LILL LINDFORS Fritt fram 1975, gatefold, soc (SW Metronome) VG+
LILL LINDFORS En sång att ta hem 1976, gatefold, soc, woc, live på Berns (SW Metronome) VG+
JANNE LUCAS Växeln hallå 1980 (SW Mariann) M-
JANNE LUCAS Rocky Mountain 1981, sobc (SW Mariann) VG+
LUDGO-PELLES Ludgosvängar 1976 (SW Roldex) VG+
LUDGO-PELLES Jubileums-10:an 1980 (SW Roldex) VG+
ULF LUNDELL Kär och galen 1982, med texthäfte, inkl. "Öppna landskap" (SW EMI/Sweetheart) VG+
MAGNUM BONUM Bakom spegeln 1979 (SW Mercury) VG+
SIW MALMKVIST Spanska Siw 1970 (SW Metronome) VG
JAN MALMSJÖ Just en sån sång 1984 /2X/ (SW Art Music) VG+
JAN MALMSJÖ Låt mig få tända ett ljus 1987 (SW Little Big Apple) VG+
MISTLURARNA Spargrisen 1978 (SW GMP) VG+
MOONSHINE Bootleg 1977 /2X/ (SW EMI) VG+
TOVE NAESS The album 1988, soc (GE Virgin) M-
LENA PHILIPSSON Kärleken är evig 1986 /2X/ (SW Mariann) VG+
LENA PHILIPSSON Talking in your sleep 1988 (SW Big Bag) VG+
ALF ROBERTSON Mitt land 1980, inkl. "Hundar, ungar och hembryggt äppelvin", soc (SW Mariann) VG(+)
ALF ROBERTSON Det kommer från hjärtat 1983, soc (SW Mariann) VG+
PUGH ROGEFELDT Ramalama 1976, soc (SW Metronome) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG same 1977, soc (SW Polydor) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG Min musik 1976, soc (SW Polydor) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG Det handlar om känslor 1979 (SW Polydor) VG+
ARJA SAIJONMAA och INTI-ILLIMANI Jag vill tacka livet 1979 /2X/ (SW Metronome) VG+
ARJA SAIJONMAA Sånger från asfalt och ängar 1981, inkl. "Silja Line blues" (SW Metronome) VG+
EVERT SANDIN Helkul i Dalom med.... 1970 (SW Telestar) VG+
EVERT SANDIN Stora daldansen går 1973, soc (SW Viking) M-
SCHYTTS Vi ska ha fest 1980 (SW Mariann) VG(+)
BJÖRN SKIFS & BLÅBLUS Out of the blue 1974, soc, gatefold /2X/ (SW EMI) VG+
BJÖRN SKIFS Schiffz! 1975, gatefold, inkl. "Michelangelo" (SW EMI) VG+
BJÖRN SKIFS Watch out! 1977 (SW EMI) VG++
BJÖRN SKIFS Björns ballader 1979, soc (SW EMI) VG+
SMALL TOWN SINGERS Närbild 1976, soc (SW RCA Victor) VG+
BERNT STAF Vår om du vill 1976 (SW YTF) VG+
STREAPLERS "EMI:s stjärnserie vol. 3" De tusen öars land 1970, rec. från 1965-70, some ringwear, gd. collection (SW EMI) VG+

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