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PAUL ANKA Paul Anka's greatest hits 1970 (GE RCA Camden) VG
AMEN CORNER & SMALL FACES same 1972, early recordings, soc (UK New World) VG+
RAY ANTHONY The Ray Anthony Show - recorded live at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas 1965 budget release of 1960 album (UK Regal) M-
SHIRLEY BASSEY Live in person at The Pigalle 1971 release of 1965 album, gatefold (NL Columbia) VG+
GILBERT BÉCAUD same 1969, gatefold (FR La Voix de Son Maitre) VG+
HARRY BELAFONTE Returns to Carnegie Hall w. Odetta & Chad Mitchell Trio 1960, black label (GE RCA) VG
BOPPERS Number 1 1978 (SW T-Bone) VG+
BOPPERS Keep on boppin' 1979, scuffed cover /2X/ (SW SOS) VG+
LE CHOEUR DES ENFANTS DE MONTMARTRE Dominique - the Singing Nun's song 1963, sm. split (US Palace) VG+
LOU CHRISTIE Lightnin' strikes 1965, co (US MGM) VG++
NAT KING COLE Welcome to the club 1959, rainbow label (DK Capitol) VG+
NAT KING COLE Love is a manyy splendored thing 1971 (US Pickwick) VG(+)
NAT KING COLE The beautiful moods of.... 2-LP 1974 (US Pickwick) VG+
KIM CORDELL I sing in a pub 1965, jazz/pop (US Roulette) VG+
BING CROSBY same 1965 (US Metro) VG
DARTS same 1977, soc, great revival! (SW Magnet) VG+
BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADE CHOIR Sings for you 1962 (US RCA Victor) VG+
ROBIN HALL & JIMMY McGREGOR One over the eight 1969, folk/country (UK Mercury) VG+
ROLF HARRIS The party's on again 1966 (AUS Columbia) VG+
ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK The last waltz 1967, woc (UK Decca) VG+
INK SPOTS The fabulous.... 1957, soc (US Golden Tone) VG
BURL IVES Songs for and about men 1961 release of 1956 album, silver/red label (UK Ace Of Hearts) VG+
BURL IVES Women - folk songs about the fair sex 1962 release of 1956 album (UK Ace Of Hearts) VG+
BURL IVES Greatest hits! 1975 release of 1966 album (NO MCA) VG+
BURL IVES The times they are a-changin' 1979 release of 1968 album (UK CBS/Embassy) VG+
MAHALIA JACKSON Recorded live in Europe during her latest concert tour 1962 (UK CBS) VG+
MAHALIA JACKSON In concert 1967 (GE CBS) VG(+)
TOMMY KÖRBERG Tom - nature boy 1968 (SW Sonet) VG
LITTLE RICHARD Long tall Sally 1986, soc (UK Showcase) M-
TRINI LOPEZ The latin album 1964 (US Reprise) VG+
DEAN MARTIN Everybody loves somebody 1964 (US Reprise) M-
DEAN MARTIN Supergold 2-LP 1979, rec. from 1952-1964, soc (SW Capitol)
GISELA MAY Sjunger Brecht 1971, soc (SW Caprice) VG(+)
VAUGHN MEADER The second coming 1972, co, gatefold, a comedic look of what life would be like for Jesus if he had returned to earth around the time of Jesus Christ Superstar. Meader was mostly known as John F Kennedy impersonator. (US Kama Sutra) VG+
MOONGLOWS The return of.... 1972, co, gd. group sound revival (US RCA Victor) M-
NORMAN NELSON I'll walk with God 1963, recorded in Sweden, toc (US Nelson Records) VG+
FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT & JOHN F. KENNEDY Actual speeches 1964, shrink wrap (US Somerset Library) M-
JACKIE TRENT & TONY HATCH The two of us 1967, Australian release (AUS Astor) VG+
DIONNE WARWICKE The love machine 1971, co, soc /2X/ (US Scepter) VG+
DIONNE WARWICKE I say a little prayer 1973 (SW Spotlight) VG(+)
ANDY WILLIAMS May each day 1966, incl. "Bilbao Song" - gammal Radio Nord-hit (UK CBS) VG+
EARL WRIGHTSON An enchanted evening on Broadway with.... 1960 (US Columbia) VG+
HENNY YOUNGMAN The best of the worst 1970, comedy (US Certron) VG+
YOUNG RASCALS Collections 1966, incl. "Lonely too long", sm. split (US Atlantic) VG

70s/80s/90s LP

10 CC Sheet music 1974, sobc, incl. "The Wall Street shuffle" and "Silly love", gd. LP (UK UK Records) VG+
ACE TRUCKING COMPANY same 1970, cut corner, comedy (US RCA Victor) VG++ 
ALABAMA My home's in Alabama 1980 (US RCA Victor) M-
MORRIS ALBERT After we've left each other 1975, incl. "Feelings" (GE Metronome) VG++
CHARLES AZNAVOUR The old-fashioned way 1972, gatefold (FR Barclay) M-
SHIRLEY BASSEY How about you 1972 (US Pickwick) VG
SHIRLEY BASSEY Nobody does it like me 1974 (UK U.A.) VG+
PAT BENATAR Crimes of passion 1980, soc, slight crease on cover (SW Chrysalis) M-
PAT BENATAR Get nervous 1982 (SW Chrysalis) M-
BLONDIE Autoamerican 1980, shrink wrap, incl- "The tide is high" (CA Chrysalis) M-
BOBBY BLOOM The Bobby Bloom album 1970, pop/rock (US L&R) M-
BOBBYSOCKS same 1984, soc (NO Bahama) VG+
CURT BOETCHER There's an innocent face 1973, butterfly label (US Elektra) VG+
GARY U.S. BONDS On the line 1982 (NL EMI America) M-
DANIEL BOONE Beautiful Sunday 1971, soc (NO Penny Farthing) VG+
BOY GEORGE Tense nervous headache  1988 (GE Virgin) VG+
BRAKES For why you kicka my donkey 1979, power pop/punk (UK Magnet) M-
JACQUES BREL Greatest hits 1974, "Success" series (NL Philips) VG+
BRIAN BRIGGS Combat zone 1982 (US Bearsville) VG+
HARRY BROWNING & LAURY BOONE Sweet harmony 1982, country gospel (US Lamb & Lion Records) M-
BUGGLES The age of plastic 1980, ibkl "Video killed the radio star" (UK Island) VG+
BELINDA CARLISLE Runaway horses 1989. incl. "Leave a light on" (GE Virgin) M-
ERIK CARMEN Tonight you're mine 1980 (US Arista) VG+
CCS same 1970, first LP, gatefold (GE Columbia) VG(+)
CHER Love hurts 1991, inkl. "It's in his kiss" (GE Geffen) VG+
TOM CLAY What the world needs now is love 1971, co (US MoWest) VG+
CLARENCE CLEMONS Hero 1985, incl. duet with Jackson Browne /2X/ (NL CBS) M-
DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO same 1971, incl. "What are you doing Sunday", cut corner (US Bell) VG+
DAWN feat. TONY ORLANDO Dawn's New Ragtime Follies 1973, cut corner (US Bell) VG+
ALAN O'DAY Appetizers 1977, small soc (US Pacific) VG+
DEACON BLUE When the world knows your name 1989, Scottish pop/rock, gatefold, soc (UK CBS) M-
DEAD OR ALIVE Youthquake 1985, gatefold (UK Epic) M-
DEREK & CLIVE (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) Come again 1977, classic comedy duo (UK Virgin) VG+
JACKIE DE SHANNON New arrangement 1975, slight ringwear (CA Columbia) VG+
NEIL DIAMOND Tap root manuscript 1971 (UK MCA) VG+
NEIL DIAMOND His 12 greatest hits 1974 (US MCA) VG+
DIFFORD & TILBROOK (ex-Squeeze) same 1984, co (US A&M) M-
DOOBIE BROTHERS Minute by minute 1978, sobc (US W.B.) M-
DURAN DURAN Decade 1989 (GE EMI) VG+
DURAN DURAN Liberty 1990 , soc (GE EMI Parlophone) VG+
IAN DURY & BLOCKHEADS Do it yourself 1979, soc (NO Stiff) VG(+)
IAN DURY & BLOCKHEADS Do it yourself 1979, some creases on cover (UK Stiff) VG+
RANDY EDELMAN Prime cuts 1974, cut corner (NL Philips) M-
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Showdown 1973, soc, slight ringwear, feat. Roll over Beethoven, Showdown, 10538 Overture (SW Harvest) VG+
NADINE EXPERT Excuse me Monsieur 1978, incl. "I wanna be a rollin' stone", stmc, disco/rock (NL CBS) VG+
FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION The first of a million kisses 1988, soc, incl. "Perfect" (GE RCA) M-
MARIANNE FAITHFULL Broken English 1979 (CA Island) M-
DAVID FRYE Radio Free Nixon 1971, cut corner, great comedy album! (US Elektra) VG+
ART GARFUNKEL Scissors cut 1981, incl. "A heart in New York", slight ringwear (NL CBS) VG+
GEORGIA SATELLITES Open all night 1988, rocks! (GE Elektra) VG+
PHILIP GOODHAND-TAIT same 1973, gatefold, co, scuffed edges, soc, UK singer/songwriter, ex-Stormsville Shakers (US 20th Century Records) VG+
CAROL HALL If I be your lady 1971, orig. inner sleeve, cut corner (US Elektra) VG+
HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ Big time 1989 (US MCA) M- 
HOLLIES Five three one - double seven o four 1979, some edgewear (SW Polydor) VG+
JULIO IGLESIAS same 1972, rare Spanish orig., gatefold (SP Columbia) VG+
BURL IVES Live in Europe 1979, live Oslo Concert House March 31, 1979, soc (NO Polydor) VG+
COLIN JAMES Sudden stop 1990 (UK Virgin America) M-
ELTON JOHN The fox 1981 (NO Rocket) VG+
KATRINA & WAVES Waves 1986, incl. "Sun Street" (NL Capitol) M-
KING SWAMP same 1989 (GE Virgin) VG+
CLEO LAINE Gonna get through 1978, soc, sobc (US RCA Victor) VG+
AUDREY LANDERS Little river 1983, sobc (GE Ariola) VG+
KIM LARSEN 451023-0637 1979, soc (NL CBS) VG+
KIM LARSEN Jungle dreams 1981 /2X/ (NL CBS) VG+
AMANDA LEAR Sweet revenge 1978, gatefold, w. poster, incl. "Follow me" (NL Ariola) VG++
DANNY LEE & THE CHILDREN OF TRUTH Essence 1975, gospel, soc (UK Key Records) VG++
GORDON LIGHTFOOT Sundown 1974 (US Reprise) VG+
MARK LINDSAY Arizona 1970 (NL CBS) VG+
LOGGINGS & MESSINA Full sail 1973, gatefold, ringwear, soc, woc (US Columbia/CBS) VG+
STEVE LUKATHER Lukather 1989, first solo album from the Toto guitarist (NL CBS) M-
MANHATTAN TRANSFER Vocalese 1985 (GE Atlantic) M-
BARRY MANILOW A Manilow magic 1983, incl. "Mandy" & "Copacabana" (NL Arista) M-
MARK & DIANE Forevcer Aloha 1975, Hawaiian/Gospel (US Tempo) VG+
ZIGGY MARLEY & THE MELODY MAKERZ Conscious party 1988, reggae (GE Virgin) M-
BRETT MARVIN & THUNDERBOLTS Alias Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs 1972, soc, incl. "Seaside shuffle" (UK Sonet) VG+
IAN MATTHEWS If you saw thro' my eyes 1971, gatefold, swirl label, soc, some ringwear, small woc, ex-Fairport Convention (US Vertigo) VG+
MAXI PRIEST Bonafide 1990 (GE 10 Records) VG+
RALPH McDONALD The path 1978, African/Cuban-inspired music , gatefold (US Marlin) VG+
BARRY McGUIRE Best of.... 1980, soc, some creases on cover (UK Sparrow) M-
BETTE MIDLER The best of Bette 1978 (SW Atlantic) VG+
GEORGE MISSIKOS Live at the Blue Bird Night Club, Rhodos 1977, AUTOGRAPHED w. dedication/SIGNERAD (GR Minerva) VG++
GILBERT MONTAGNE same 1971, gatefold (NL CBS) M-
NANA MOUSKOURI Chante la Grece 1972, gatefold (NL Fontana) VG++
MOUTH & McNEAL I see a star 1974 (SW Philips) VG+
MR. BIG Photographic smile 1976, co, shrink wrap, West Coast rock (US Arista) M-
SPIDER MURPHY GANG Dolce vita 1981, stmc (GE Electrola) M-
SPIDER MURPHY GANG Scharf wie Peperoni 1984, gatefold, stmc (GE EMI) VG+
ANNE MURRAY Together 1975 (US Capitol) VG+
NEW MUSIK From A to B 1980 (NL GTO) VG+
RIC OCASEK Beatitude 1982, co, ex-Cars (US Geffen) VG+
SALLY OLDFIELD In concert 1982, missing label on A-side (SW Bronze) M-
TONY ORLANDO & DAWN "II" 1975, cut corner (US Bell) VG+
OTTO Versaut Hamburg 1981, German stand up comedian (GE Rüssi Records) VG+
ELAINE PAIGE Stages 1983 (GE WEA) M-
VIOLETA PARRA Santiago penando estas 1973, gatefold, soc (IT Albatros) VG+
ISABEL PARRA w. PATRICIO CASTILLO Vientos del pueblo 1974, w. lyrics, daughter of folklorist Violeta Parra (IT I Dischi Dello Zodiaco) VG+
LEE PATTERSON SINGERS Rock my soul 2-LP 1974, gd. gospel versions of many 1970s hit songs (GE Philips) M-
PETERS & LEE We can make it 1973 (UK Philips) M-
TOM PETTY & HEARTBREAKERS Let me up (I've had enough) 1987 (CA MCA) VG+
GENE PITNEY Super star 1971, soc (US Musicor) M-
PLATTERS same 1976, w. 1970s versions of some old hits (US Springboard) VG+
IGGY POP Blah-blah 1986, soc (CA A&M) VG+
PRATT & McCLAIN Featuring "Happy Days" 1976, incl. theme song from the "Happy Days" TV series, some creases on cover (US Reprise) M-
PREFAB SPROUT Steve McQueen 1985 (NL CBS) M-
PRETENDERS same 1979, first album (CA Sire) M-
PRETENDERS same 1979, w. insert, Brazilian release of their first album, stmc, some ringwear (BR Fona) M-
PRETENDERS Get close 1986, stmc (GE WEA/Real) VG+
ERIC PRINCE The admirable Mr. Prince 1973, SIGNERAD/AUTOGRAPHED (UK Prince) VG+
QUEEN IDA & THE BON TEMPS ZYDECO BAND New Orleans 1980, stmc (UK Sonet) VG+
QUEEN IDA & HER ZYDECO BAND Caught in the act! live 1985 (SW Sonet) M-
RED RIDER Don't fight it 1980, slight ringwear (US Capitol) VG+
STAN REYNOLDS ORCH. & CHORUS All hits from the smash musical "1776" 1970 (UK Marble Arch) VG+
RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Give it to the people  1974, orig. inner sleeve, soc (US Haven/Capitol) VG++
CLODAGH RODGERS It's different now 1972, gatefold (UK RCA Victor) VG+
KENNY ROGERS & FIRST EDITION Transition 1971, woc (US Reprise) VG+
DEMIS ROUSSOS Voice and vision 1989, soc (NL EMI) M-
SAD CAFE Fanx Ta'ra 1977, British rock band, w. insert, soc (UK RCA Victor) VG+
SAILOR Greatest hits vol. 1 1978 (NL Epic) VG+
LEO SAYER The missing link - music from the motion picture 1980, stmc (NL K-Tel) M-
SCRITTI POLITTI Cupid & psyche 85 1985 (GE Virgin) M-
NEIL SEDAKA All you need is the music 1978, soc, stmc, disco (NO Polydor) VG+
TOMMY SEEBACH feat. DEBBIE CAMERON Love on the line 1981, soc, SW press, DK cover (SW EMI) VG+
FRANK SINATRA Collection portrait de.... 1981 release of old recordings (FR Atoll) VG+
SPANDAU BALLET Parade 1984, soc, sobc, slight ringwear (SW Chrysalis) VG+
ROD STEWART Every beat of my heart 1986 (US W.B.) M-
RAY STEVENS Everyting is beautiful 1970, orig. inner sleeve (UK CBS) VG+
NOEL PAUL STOKEY (of Peter, Paul & Mary) Paul and 1977 release of 1971 album, w. lyrics, soc (UK Neworld) VG++
BARBRA STREISAND Live concert at the Forum 1972, gatefold, B1=VG (UK CBS) VG+
TANTRUM same 1978, cut corner, their first album (US Ovation) M-
JAHN TEIGEN This year's loser 1979 (NO RCA Victor) VG+
JAHN TEIGEN Hopp 78-83 1983 (NO Polydor) M-
THE CHIMES same 1990, Scottish band, first album (UK CBS) VG+
THE FAT LADY SINGS Twist 1991, Dublin rock band, their first LP (GE EastWest) M-
THE KNACK Get the knack 1979, soc, incl. "My Sharona" (SW Capitol) M-
MIKIS THEODORAKIS The best of Theodorakis 1976 (GR Margophone) VG+
B.J. THOMAS Help me make it (to my rockin' chair) 1975, cut corner (US ABC) M-
DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS same 1973, gatefold, co, classic rock/blues rock (US RCA Victor) M-
TRILLE Hej søster 1977, gatefold, soc, Danish female singer/songwriter (DK Exlibris) VG+
TROOPER Flying colors 1979, Canadian pop/hard rock (US MCA) M-
BONNIE TYLER Goodbye to the island 1981, toc (UK RCA) VG+
MIDGE URE The gift 1985, first solo album by Ultravox frontman (SW Chrysalis) VG+
SYLVIE VARTAN Portrait 1976, soc (GE RCA Victor) VG+
WATERBOYS The best of.... '81-'90 1990 (UK Ensign) VG+
JIM WEATHERLY A gentler time 1973, Mississippi singer/songwriter, co (US RCA Victor) VG+
BOB WELCH The other one 1979, ex-Fleetwood Mac (SW Capitol) VG+
BOB WELCH Man overboard 1980, sobc (SW Capitol) VG+
VESYOLYE REBYATA Just a minute! 1987, Russian group (RU Melodia) M-
ROGER WHITTAKER New world in the morning 1981 (UK Contour) M-
ROGER WHITTAKER Durham town 1982, tobc (UK Contour) VG+
GARY WRIGHT The light of smiles 1977, co, pop rock/symphonic rock (US Warner Bros.) VG+


LP SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '66 Fool on the hill 1968, bossa, gatefold (GE A&M) VG+


MARIE FREDRIKSSON Efter stormen 1987, gatefold (SW EMI) VG+


BOBBY KING & TERRY EVANS Rhythm, blues, soul & grooves 1990 (SW Amalthea) M-
LITTLE BIG BLUES BAND Jump music 1986, soc, med Hannes Råstam (SW Discreet) VG+
LONNIE MACK Strike like lightning 1985, w. Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar, great rockin' blues album! (UK Sonet) M-
SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE McGHEE Shouts & blues 1970 (FR America) VG+
SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE McGHEE Walk on 1977 (UK Bulldog) VG+
JOSH WHITE same 1963, orig. inner sleeve, stmc (US Decca) VG+
JOSH WHITE same 1967, folk/blues /2X/ (US Archive of Folk Music) VG+
JOSH WHITE The best of.... 2-LP 1970, butterfly label, orig. inner sleeves, cut corner (US Elektra) VG++


BJÖRN ALRIKSSON m. COUNTRY ROAD Harpin' for John and Charlotte 1981, soc (SW RCA Victor) VG++
LYNN ANDERSON Rose garden 1971, soc, sobc (NL CBS) VG++
EDDIE BOND Sings the legend of Buford Pusser 1973, co (US Enterprise) VG+
GLEN CAMPBELL "Live" - the 2-record album from his sell-out New Jersey concert! 2-LP 1969, slight ringwear (US Capitol) VG++ 90:-
GLEN CAMPBELL The best of.... 1970, soc (NL Capitol) VG+
GLEN CAMPBELL The last time I saw her 1971, slight ringwear (US Capitol) VG++
GLEN CAMPBELL Glen Travis Campbell 1972, soc (US Capitol) VG+
GLEN CAMPBELL The Glen Campbell album 1973, soc (US Pickwick) VG++
GLEN CAMPBELL By the time I get to Phoenix 1973 (SW Emidisc) VG(+)
GLEN CAMPBELL Bloodline 1976, soc, slight ringwear, US cover, SW pressing (SW Capitol) M-
GLEN CAMPBELL Basic 1978, cut corner, soc, ringwear (SW Capitol) VG+
GLEN CAMPBELL Letter to home 1984, soc (GE Atlantic) VG+
COUNTRYMASARNA same 1975, some ringwear (SW GM Produktion AB) VG+
DANNY DAVIS & NASHVILLE BRASS Live in Vegas 1977 (US RCA Victor) M-
ROY DRUSKY New lips 1976, shrink wrap (US Hilltop) M-
NARVEL FELTS Narvel the Marvel 1976, Muscle Shoals recordings (US ABC/Dot) VG+
LARRY GATLIN Rain rainbow 1974, country/Southern Gospel (US Columbia) VG+
GEORGE HAMILTON IV A rose and a Baby Ruth 1967 (GE RCA Camden) VG(-)
HAPPY FIDDLE Downright nice 1977, co (US Sunnywale Records) VG+
BJØRO HÅLAND Walk on by 1982 (SW Mariann) VG+
KENTUCKIANS Kentucky breakdown 1971, soc (UK Avenue) VG+
CHARLIE McCOY Play it again Charlie 1976 (NL Monument) VG+
ROGER MILLER Painted poetry 1977, co (US Starday/Gusto) M-
ROGER MILLER Greatest hits 1985, some creases on cover (UK Contour) VG+
NEW STRANGERS Come closer 1976, soc (SW EMI) VG+
DOLLY PARTON 9 to 5 and odd jobs 1980, w. lyrics, some ringwear (UK RCA Victor) VG+
CHARLEY PRIDE I'm just me  1971, soc, shrink wrap (US RCA Victor) VG+
RANK STRANGERS Country our way 1969 (SW Polydor) VG(+)
RANKARNA & MATS RÅDBERG I'm a city cowboy 1974 (SW Polydor) VG+
RANKARNA & MATS RÅDBERG Six guys twelve songs 1976 (SW Polydor) VG+
JERRY REED Smell the flowers 1972, co, ringwear (US RCA Victor) VG+
JERRY REED Tupelo Mississippi Flash 1974, soc, ringwear (US RCA Camden) VG+
MARTY ROBBINS From the heart, 1971 release, 1 tr.=VG(-) (UK Hallmark) VG+
MARTY ROBBINS same 1973, sobc "for export only" (US MCA) VG+
MARTY ROBBINS Good'n country 1974, shrink wrap (US MCA) M-
JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ Songs about lades and love 1974 (US Mercury) VG+
KENNY ROGERS Greatest hits 1980  (US Liberty) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG I'm the singer, you're the song 1980, med Elisabeth Andreasson (SW Mariann) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG Some broken hearts never mend 1981, sobc, stmc (SW Mariann) M-
MATS RÅDBERG & RANKARNA Country cookin' 1987 (SW Mariann) M-
RHETT SANBORN At High Chaparral 1989 (SW High Chaparral) VG+
GÖRAN SAND At High Chaparral 2 Everything is old again 1976 (SW High Chaparral) VG
THE EARL SCRUGGS REVUE Anniversary special 1975 (NL CBS) VG+
SONS OF THE PIONEERS Sing campfire favorites 1967, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+
BILLY JO SPEARS The best of.... 1975, "Vine" series (UK Capitol) VG+
JOE SUN & THE SOLAR SYSTEM The sun never sets 1984 (SW Sonet) VG+
TAMMY WYNETTE In love 1976 (UK Hallmark) VG+
V.A. "BANDED TOGETHER" w. George Jones, Charlie Daniels Band, Willie Nelson, Mickey Gilley, Charlie Rich, David Allan Coe a.o. 1980 (US Epic) M-
V.A. COUNTRY GIANTS Vol. 3 w. Jim Reeves, Chet Atkins, Don Gibson, Skeeter Davis, Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton a.o. 1973 (UK RCA Camden) VG+
V.A. COUNTRY GIANTS Vol. 5 w. Jim Reeves, Chet Atkins, Hank Snow, Don Gibson, Porter Wagoner a.o. 1974 (UK RCA Camden) VG+
V.A. NASHVILLE'S GREATEST INSTRUMENTALISTS Vol. II w. Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Roddy Bristol, Rusty & Doug Kershaw, Floyd Cramer, Buck Trent a.o. 1974, some creases on cover, co (US RCA Victor) VG+
V.A. NASHVILLE STARS ON TOUR w. Anita Kerr Quartet, Chet Atkins, Bobby Bare, Jim Reeves 1970, live (GE RCA Camden) VG+


BON JOVI New Jersey 1988 (NL Vertigo) VG+
D'MOLLS same 1988 (US Atlantic) M-
ELECTRIC BOYS Funk-o-metal carpet ride 1990, SIGNERAD/AUTOGRAPHED (NL Vertigo) M-
ROBIN GEORGE Dangerous music  1984, w. lyrics (GE Bronze) VG+
SALTY DOG Every dog has its day 1990 (GE Geffen) M-
TESLA The great radio controversy 1989 (GE Geffen) M-
WHITE LION Fight to survive 1985 (CA Grand Slamm Records) VG+
WHITE LION Pride 1987, wobc (GE Atlantic) VG+
WHITE LION Big game 1989, sobc (GE Atlantic) VG+
WHITESNAKE "1987" 1987 (GE EMI) VG+
WHITESNAKE Slip of the tongue 1989 (GE EMI) VG+
KYOJI YAMAMOTO Electric cinema 1982 (NL Roadrunner) M-


LOUIS ARMSTRONG Armstrong V.S.O.P. vol. 3 1968 (FR CBS) VG+
LOUIS ARMSTRONG Ambassador Satch 1972 release of 1956 album (UK Hallmark) VG+
ALICE BABS Alice in Israel 1972 (SW Swedish Society Discofil) VG
COUNT BASIE & H. ORCH. The atomic Mr. Basie 1983 release of 1958 album (SW Sonet Grand Prix) VG+
CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS/RED AND MILL'S STOMPERS Rare vertical jazz no. 8 1967, recordings from 1926-1927 (US Historical) VG+
JOE FINGERS CARR The golden era of ragtime 1972, wobc (GE Capitol) VG+
BENNY CARTER & H. ORCH. same 1974, some ringwear (US Alamac) VG+
KEN COLYER & H. ALL STAR JAZZMEN The swinging and singing.... 1975, soc (GE Happy Bird) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY & H. ORCH. I'm getting sentimental over you 1973 (US Pickwick) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY & H. ORCH. At the Fat Man's 1977, rec. from 1946-48, some ringwear (UK Hep Records) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY The best of.... 1977 (US Springboard) VG+
TOMMY DORSEY & H. ORCH. The best of.... 1984 (GE MCA) VG+
DUTCH SWING COLLEGE BAND Dixieland high life 1968 (GE Philips) VG+
BILLY ECKSTINE I grandi del jazz 1980, w. insert, gatefold (IOT I Grandi del Jazz) VG+
DUKE ELLINGTON  & H. ORCH Indigos 1967 (CZ Supraphon) VG+
DUKE ELLINGTON & H.ORCH. same 1970 (UK Crown) VG+
PETE FOUNTAIN Alive in New Orleans 1977 (YUG First American) VG+
ERROLL GARNER Close-up in swing 1962 (NL Philips) VG+
ERROLL GARNER One world concert 1963 (NL Philips) VG+
ERROLL GARNER Campus concert 1966 (US MGM) VG+
ERROLL GARNER The king of jazz piano 1967 (FR Musidisc) VG+
ERROLL GARNER Feeling is believing 1970, sm. split (US Mercury) VG+
DIZZY GILLESPIE's ORCH. Vol. 1 (1947-1949) When be-bop met the big band 1973, soc (FR RCA) VG+
BENNY GOODMAN Pure gold 1975 (US RCA) VG+
BENNY GOODMAN & HIS ORCH. Swing with.... 1985, soc (FR CBS) VG+
BENGT HALLBERG Hallberg's surprise 1987 (SW Phontastic) M-
BENGT HALLBERG Hallberg's yellow blues 1988 (SW Phontastic) M-
LIONEL HAMPTON Goes Europe 1968 (NL Fontana) VG+
WOODY HERMAN & H. WOODCHOPPERS Rare live performances 1981, rec. from 1944-1946 (UK Swing House) VG+
HILTON ROOF GARDEN ORCH. On the sunny side of the street  1977, promo record for Hilton hotels (GE Decca) VG+
EARL HINES & H. ORCH. "Fatha" blows best 1972 (GE Coral) VG+
EARL HINES & JIMMY RUSHING Blues and things 1979 release of 1967 record (FR Jazz Legacy) VG+
BILLIE HOLIDAY I'll be seeing you 1980, 1944 recordings (GE Commodore) M-
ELMO HOPE ENSEMBLE Hope from Rikers Island 1978, rec. 1963 (US Chiaroscuro) M-
IRA, GEORGE AND JOE Joe Pass loves Gershwin 1982, gtr.instr. (US Pablo) M-
DON "JAKE" JACOBY Jacoby brings the house down 1968 (US Atlantic) VG+
STAN KENTON Stan Kenton today 2-LP 1972, recorded live in London, Phase 4 stereo (UK Decca) M- 90:-
KING OLIVER I garndi del jazz 1980, gatefold, w. insert, rec. from 1923 (IT Il Grandi di Jazz) VG+
LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & ROSS w. ZOOT SIMS The swingers! 1984 (UK Affinity) VG+
JEANNE LEE & RAN BLAKE The newest sound around 1978, recordings from 1961-62, gatefold (FR RCA Victor) VG+
GEORGE LEWIS 1943-1945 1961 (GE Storyville) VG
ROY LIBERTO'S BOURBON ST. SIX That's my desire 1969, w. insert (US Maison Bourbon) VG+
JACK LIDSTRÖM Hep cats 1980, ringwear (SW Bums) VG+
GLENN MILLER The Glenn Miller story 1975, gatefold, orig. recordings (GE RCA Victor) VG+
GLENN MILLER The best of.... 1973, sobc (UK RCA Camden) VG+
JELLY ROLL MORTON Stomps and joys 1964, black label, recordings from 1928-30, Vintage series (GE RCA Victor) VG+
ALBERT NICHOLAS Traditional jazz 2 1973 (GE Philips) VG+
JIMMY NOONE'S APEX CLUB ORCH. Jazz at the ApexClub 1965, wobc, soc (UK Ace Of Hearts) VG+
JIMMIE NOONE I grandi del Jazz 1980, gatefold, w. booklet (IT I Grande del Jazz) VG+
NORRTELJE ELITKAPELL Oskapliga låtar 1984 (SW Sonet) VG+
ROY PALMER w. MEMPHIS NIGHT HAWKS/CHICAGO RHYTHM KINGS Rent party playing tonight 1972, recordings from 1932-1936, soc (DK Collector's Classics) VG+
ERROL PARKER TENTET Live at the Wollman Auditorium 1985, freeform jazz (US Sahara) M-
BUD POWELL I grandi del Jazz 1980, gatefold, w. booklet (IT I Grandi del Jazz) VG+
PUNCH's DELEGATES OF PLEASURE (Punch Miller) The river's in mourning 1962, RE, New Orleans jazz (US Jazzology) VG+
DELLA REESE And that reminds me 1972 release of 1957 album (US Pickwick) VG+
MAX ROACH & CLIFFORD BROWN 2 giants 2-LP 1971, rec. from 1953 and 1954, soc (FR Vogue) VG+
PEE WEE RUSSELL I grandi del jazz 1980, gatefold, w. booklet (IT I Grandi del Jazz) VG+
ARTIE SHAW The best of.... 1967, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+
ARTIE SHAW And his orchestra Vol. 2 1941-1945, Black & White series 1979, soc (FR RCA) M-
GEORGE SHEARING Piano 1990, soc  (GE Concord Jazz) VG+
ZOOT SIMS Passion flowers - Zoot Sims plays Duke Ellington 1980 (US Pablo) VG+
MUGGSY SPANIER The great 16 1971, rec. from 1939, soc (FR RCA Victor) VG+
STOKSTAD/JENSEN Blanda drops - fra Bach till Beatles 1977, instr. trad jazz (NO RCA International) VG+
SWEDISH RADIO BIG BAND Gloomy eyes 1981, cw on inner sleeve, inkl. signaturen till "Smoke rings" (SW Polar) VG+
SVENSKA SVINGELITEN Swing party for dancing lovers vol. 1 1974 (SW Polydor) VG+
FATS WALLER Fractious fingering 1967, Vintage series, recordings from 1936, black label (GE RCA Victor) VG+
FATS WALLER 20 greatest hits 1981 (GE Pentagon) VG+
ETHEL WATERS Oh daddy! 1978, recordings from 1921-1924 (NL Biograph) VG+
LU WATTERS YERBA BUENA JAZZ BAND The San Francisco style vol. 2 Watters' originals & ragtime 1954, recorded 1946 (US Good Time Jazz) VG+
TREVOR WATTS MOIRE MUSIC SEXTET Saalfelden Encore 1987 (UK Cadillac) M-
V.A. THE GREAT BANDS w. Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Benny Carter 1967, 1930s recordings (UK Regal) VG+ 


GEORGE BENSON In flight 1977, soc (GE W.B.) VG+
BIDDU & THE ORCH. Eastern man 1977 (NL Epic) VG+
DONNIE BURKS The swingin' sound of soul 1969, shrink wrap (GE Europa) VG+
CAPTAIN & TENNILLE Make your move 1979 (US Casablanca) M-
WILLA DORSEY Spirituals for all seasons 1972 (US Spirituals for all Seasons) VG+
JOHN EDWARDS Life, love and living 1976, co (US Cotillion) M-
GLORIA GAYNOR Glorious 1977, cut corner, some ringwear (US Polydor) M-
GLORIA GAYNOR Love tracks 1978 (NO Polydor) VG+
GIBSON BROTHERS Que será mi vida and other smash hits 1980, soc (SW Mariann Int) VG+
HOT CHOCOLATE Mystery 1982, soc, stmc (NL RAK) VG+
WHITNEY HOUSTON same 1985 (GE Arista) VG+
HUES CORPORATION Freedom for the stallion 1973, co (US RCA Victor) VG+
IMAGINATION In the heat of the night 1982 (FI Red Bus) M-
IMPRESSIONS same 1976, co (US Cotillion) M-
JANET JACKSON Rhythm nation 1814 1989, soc (GE A&M) M-
JERMAINE JACKSON same 1984 (NL Arista) VG++
GARLAND JEFFREYS same 1973, co (US Atlantic) VG+
DICK JENSEN White hot soul 1969, gatefold, some ringwear (US Probe) VG+
PATTI LABELLE Released 1980, soc (NL Epic) M-
PATTI LA BELLE Winner in you 1986 (CA MCA) VG+
BARBARA MASON & BUNNY SIGLER Locked in this position 1977, co (US Curtom) M-
MASQUERADERS Love anonymous 1977, soc , co (US ABC/Hot Buttered Soul) M-
PENNY McLEAN Lady bump 1975 /2X/(GE Jupiter) VG+
MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOY Live and direct 1977 (US ABC) VG+
DOROTHY MOORE Misty blue 1976, soc, R&B and soul singer from Jackson, Mississippi (GE RCA Victor) VG+
JESSIE NORMAN Negro spirituals 1979, famous soprano (NL Philips) VG+
POINTER SISTERS Having a party 1977, cut corner, shrink wrap (US Blue Thumb) M-
POINTER SISTERS Special things 1980 (US Planet) VG+
POINTER SISTERS Serious slammin' 1988 (GE RCA) VG+
LOU RAWLS All things in time 1976 (US P.I.R.) VG+
OTIS REDDING The dock of the bay 1968, wobc, B1=VG - (US Volt) VG
LIONEL RICHIE Dancing on the ceiling 1986, gatefold (GE Motown) VG+
RITCHIE FAMILY Arabian nights 1976 (US Marlin) VG+
SMOKEY ROBINSON Deep in my soul 1977, co (US Tamla) M-
DIANA ROSS The best of.... 1972, some ringwear (SW Tamla Motown) VG(+)
DIANA ROSS The best of.... 1972 (NL Tamla Motown) VG(+ )
DIANA ROSS Touch me in the morning 1973 (GE Tamla  Motown) VG+
DIANA ROSS & SUPREMES 20 golden greats 1977, soc, rec. from 1964-1969 (GE Motown) VG+
DIANA ROSS & SUPREMES 20 golden greats 1977, soc, rec. from 1964-1969 (UK Motown) VG+
DIANA ROSS Baby it's me 1977, co (US Motown) VG+
DIANA ROSS Diana 1980, gatefold, small soc (SW Motown) M-
RUFUS AND CHAKA KHAN Stompin' at the Savoy 2-LP 1983, soc (GE W.B.) VG+
S'EXPRESS Original soundtrack 1989 (SW Rhythm King) VG+
SHAKATAK The coolest cuts 1988, incl. 12" megamix maxi single, soc, cw (UK K-Tel) VG+
SHEILA & B. DEVOTION King of the world 1980 (SW Carrere) VG+
SISTER SLEDGE We are family 1979 (US Cotillion) M-
SISTER SLEDGE All American girls 1981 (US Cotillion) VG+
STAPLES Pass it on 1976, co (US W.B.) VG+
AMII STEWART Knock on wood 1979, soc, sobc (GE Ariola) VG++
THE GREAT WHITE CANE same 1972, co, gatefold (US Lion Records) M-
THE MAIN INGREDIENT Rolling down a mountainside 1975, co  (US RCA Victor) M-    
RUBY TURNER Paradise  1990, shrink wrap (US Jive) VG+


88-ÖRES-REVYN FRÅN SKEPPET 1970, Hasse & TAge m fl. (SW Svenska Ljud) VG(+)
"AMADEUS" Soundtrack w. Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, director Sir Neville Marriner 1985, gatefold (NL Fantasy) M-
"BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR" orig. London cast recording 1977 2-LP w. Billy Daniels, Lon Satton, Elain Delmar, Helen Gelzer a.o. (UK PYE) VG+
"CHALMERS SPEX" Klondike 1990 (SW Chalmers Spex) M-
CRUISIN' 1967 w. John Fred & Playboy Band, Turtles, Janis Ian, Tommy James & Shondells, Blues Magoos etc,., authentic radio show by DJ Dr. Don Rose, incl. jingles, commercials, news etc. 1973, shrink wrap (US Increase) VG+
"DIANA" orig. TV soundtrack w. Diana Ross, Jackson 5, Danny Thomas, Bill Cosby 1986 budget release of 1971 album (UK Pickwick) VG+
"DOCTOR DOLITTLE" Soundtrack 1967, gatefold, w. colour booklet, co (US 20th Century Fox Records) VG+
FACTORY BENELUX GREATEST HITS w. A Certain Ratio, 52nd Street, Cabaret Voltaire, Stockholm Monsters etc 1983, soc (BE Factory Benelux) VG+
"FOUL PLAY" Soundtrack incl. Barry Manilow "Copacabana" 1978, shrink wrap (US Arista) M-
GOD BLESS AMERICA - the orig. Kate Smith version of God Bless America & other great American songs 1967, sm. split (US Happy Time) VG+
GREECE IS.... THE SONGS OF MIKIS THEODORAKIS orig. versions 1975 (GR Columbia) VG+
GUSTAF DEN ADOLF eller 30-ÅRIGA KRIGET - en drift med påvens drägg 1961. Studentspex-teater. (SW Arkens Rundradio) M-
"HELLO DOLLY" the Broadway musical comedy 1962, soc (US Design) VG
HITS 11 w. Kaoma, Bros, Gladys Knight, Tom Petty, Transvision Vamp, Orup, Alice Cooper etc. 1989 (NL CBS) M-
HITS HITS HITS w. Madness, Pretenders, Imagination, Linx, Tenpole Tudor, Toyah, Human League, Alvin Stardust, Japan, Billy Bremner a.o. 1981, gd. 80s collection, some edgewear (UK Ronco) M-
"JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT" music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Tim Rice 1968, gatefold, w. libretto (US Scepter) VG++
"JOYRIDE" Soundtrack 1974, music by ELO and Barry Mann, soc (US U.A.) VG+
"LA BAMBA" Soundtrack w, Los Lobos, Bo Diddley, Howard Huntsberry, Brian Setzer, Marshall Crenshaw 1987, co (US Slash) M-
LA GRANDE STORIA DEL ROCK 22 w. Martha Reeves, Rufus Thomas, Nashville Teens, Troggs 1981, gatefold (IT Curcio) M-
LAND DU VÄLSIGNADE . musik från industrialismens genombrott 1973, gatefold, mängder med inspelningar från Svenskt Visarkiv samt Sveriges Radio (SW Caprice) M-
LOVE TRACKS w. Agnetha Fältskog & Ola Håkansson, Erasure, Samantha Fox, Yazoo,Debbie Harry a.o. 1987, soc, ringwear (SW Sonet) VG+
MESSAGE IN MOTION Vol. 1 w. The Cruse Family, David & Giants, Bob Bennett, Carman 1982, contemporary Christian music, w. insert (US Priority) VG+
MORGON MELLAN FJÄLLEN  1977, kristen musik (SW GEEM) VG+
MUSIK I GLADA HUDIK Vol. 1 m. Hudiksvalls Storband, Forsa Spelmanslag, Högtryck, Agö Fyr, Blåspoparna, Iggesundsgänget etc. 1972, gatefold. Utgiven i samarbete med Fritidsnämnden i Hudiksvalls kommun (SW Forsaljud) VG+
"PARIS TEXAS" orig. soundtrack, music by Ry Cooder, soc 1985 (GE W.B.) VG+
PLAYBOY RECORDS ARTISTS w. Barbi Benton, Mickey Gilley, Wynn Stewart, Debbie Campbell a.o. 1977, soc, GE press (SW Playboy) VG+
PRIMADONNA med Kjerstin Dellert, Zarah Leander och Git Gay 1975, soc (SW Aubergine Records) M-
REMEMBER HOW GREAT....? - a collector's edition w. Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Xavier Cugat, Mary Martin, Dinah Shore a.o. 1960, promo album for Lucky Strike cigarettes (US Columbia/Lucky Strike) VG+
REMEMBRANCES FROM RHODES, Greek songs w. Ioannis Karavellakis, Stavros Hartofyllis, Pandelis Tsavaris 1972 (GR Rhodes Records) VG+
"STEALING HOME" Soundtrack w. David Foster, Four Seasons,Nylons, Everly Brothers, Marilyn Martin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley a.o. 1988 (GE Atlantic) VG+
SUCCESS w. Penny McLean, Ramona Wulf, Linda G. Thompson, Silver Convention 1976, shrink wrap (GE Jupiter) M-
"TEATERBÅTEN/VIKTORIAS HUSAR" med Kjerstin Dellert, Hasse Funck, Erik Saedén, Sven-Erik Wikström 1973, insp. 1957-58 (SW Telestar) M-
"THE MOST HAPPY FELLA" musical 1956 (UK Philips) VG+
"THE GRADUATE" Soundtrack 1968, blue label (UK CBS) VG+ 40:-
THE MUSIC FOR UNICEF CONCERT w. ABBA, Bee Gees, Rita Coolidge, John Denver, Earth Wind & Fire, Kris Kristofferson a.o. 1979 (US Polydor) M-
"UHF" soundtrack w. "Weird Al" Yankovic 1989 (GE Scotti Bros.) VG+


LARRY ADLER Harmonica 1978, Phase 4 stereo (UK Decca) VG+
HERB ALPERT & TIJUANA BRASS SRO 1966, soc, some ringwear (GE London) VG+
HERB ALPERT & TIJUANA BRASS Herb Alpert's ninth 1967, soc (GE A&M) VG+
SVEND ASMUSSEN & SEINE SEXTETT Spielt Welterfolge 1968, "Musik Für Alle" series (GE Telefunken) VG+
GEOFF BASTOW Talk to me 1988 (GE Intersound) VG+
ROGER BENNET, H. CLARINET & H. ORCH. What a wonderful world 1968, co (US Dunhil) VG
MARK BUCHNER & HIS EPIC SOUNDS Sounds like James Last 1971 (UK Boulevard) VG+
NORMAN CHANDLER & THE MAGIC STRINGS The new magic 1988 (GE Intersound) VG+
RAY CONNIFF Friendly persuasion 1964, soc (NL CBS) VG+
RAY CONNIFF This is my song 1967, soc (UK CBS) VG+
RAY CONNIFF Live concert in stereo 2-LP 1969, soc (GE CBS) VG++
LOUIS CORCHIA Les 16 grands succès d'Édith Piaf 1968, musette accordeon (FR Musidisc) VG+
THIERRY DAVID & GARY PETERSON Moonbeam 1988, soc (FR K-Vox) VG+
ROBERTO DELGADO The very best of.... 1970 (UK Polydor) VG+
DIEZ BROTHERS City lights 1988 (GE Intersound) VG+
EKSEPTION same 1971 (SW Philips) VG(+)
JAN "TOLLARPARN" ERIKSSON same 1971, piano instr., some loose laminate (SW RCA International) VG+
SNUFF GARRETT'S TEXAS OPERA COMPANY Classical country 1976, co (US Ranwood) VG+
LUÍS GASCA For those who chant 1971, w. Carlos Santana, gatefold, cut corner (US Blue Thumb) VG+
PEPE HABICHUELA A mandeli 1983, jaleos, bulerías, fandangos, rumba etc. (FR Hannibal) M-
LEROY HOLMES Themes from the new provocative films 1970 (US U.A.) M-
JEAN-MICHEL JARRÉ Zoolook 1984 (GE Dreyfus/Polydor) M-
BERT KAEMPFERT & ORCH. Free and easy 1970 (NO Polydor) VG+
JAMES LAST Classics up to date 1966 (NO Polydor) VG+
JAMES LAST Beach party 1970 (SW Polydor) VG+
BJÖRN J:SON LINDH Våta vingar 1980, gatefold, soc (SW Sonet) VG+
BJÖRN J:SON LINDH/STAFFAN SCHEJA Spirits of Europa opus II 1985 (GE Virgin) M-
LM-ORKESTERN & STORBANDET same 1976, utgiven till LM Ericssons 100-årsjubileum våren 1976 (SW LME) M-
ALAIN LOMBARD Orch. de la Societé des Concerts du Conservatorie 1966 (UK Delysé) VG+
MEGATONE Open all hours 1988, soc (GE Intersound) VG+
JO MENT'S HAPPY SOUND Happyment! 2-LP 1970 (UK Joy Special) M- 30:-
MEXICO TRUMPETS Mariachi party 1967 (NL Studio 33) VG+
JOHN MORELL Instrumental hitsounds of....  guitar, quadraphonic  sound 1972 (US Capitol Special Markets) M-
ALE MÖLLER, BOUZOUKISPELMAN Med vänner 1986, soc (SW Giga) VG+
INGMAR NORDSTRÖM La strada 1986 (SW Frituna) VG+
IVAN RENLIDEN, SVEND ASMUSSEN, PUTTE WICKMAN Spelar för er 1977, soc, some ringwear (SW EMI) M-
ERIK SAHLSTRÖM & GÖSTA SANDSTRÖM Låtar från Uppland 1973, nyckelharpa (SW Philips) VG+
JOE SAMPLE & DAVID WALKER Swing Street Cafe 1981 (US Crusaders) M-
LARS SAMUELSON & H.ORCH. Butterflies up north 1967, soc (SW InterDisc) VG+
LARS SAMUELSSON Dance party 1973, soc (SW Four Leaf Clover) VG+
LARS SAMUELSSON Het sommar (från "I morron e de lörda") 1975, soc (SW Odeon) VG+
SAN FERNANDO BRASS The new brass sound of the hits 1972, quadraphonic sound (US Creative Products/Capitol) M- *
AL SIGMUND Pleasure trip 1987 (GE Coloursound) M-
THE JOHN FOX SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA/THE JOHN FOX SYNTHONIC ORCHESTRA Pomp and glory - the best of Edward Elgar 1987, symphonic and synth versions, sobc (GE Sonoton) M-
UNDERHÅLLNINGSRKESTERN m. GÖSTA THESELIUS A boquet of Swedish evergreens "Röda serien" 1962, later press (SW Sonora) VG+
V.A. "MUSIC FOR TEENS" w. John Wallis & His Boys, Jack Barner & His Soloists, Pablo Rotero's Mexicans etc. (GE Metronome) VG+


AGATON BAND Tiden läker alla sår 1987 (SW Gazell) M-
ALICE & TITTI Glädjen på Berns 1976, soc (SW RCA Victor) M-
ANN-LOUISE (HANSSON) You ought to write yourself a love song 1978 (SW GlenDisc) VG+
ANN-LOUISE (HANSSON) Comin' home 1979 /2X/ (SW GlenDisc) VG+
ANN-LOUISE (HANSSON) Waves of love 1980 (SW GlenDisc) VG+
ARJA (SAIJONMAA) Samma himmel samma sol 1989, sobc (SW Big Bag) VG+
ALICE BABS Alice, gd. compilation 1965 (SW InterDisc) M-
ALICE BABS Söndag 1969, sacred songs, recorded at St. Clara church in Stockholm (SW Swedish Society) M-
ALICE BABS m. STOCKHOLMS STUDENTSÅNGARE 88 man och 1 flicka 1970, small wobc (SW Telefunken) M-
BAD LIVER & HANS BRUSTNA HJÄRTAN Fjorton sånger 1989 (SW City Records) VG+
LARS BERGHAGEN same 1970, gatefold, soc, sol, woc(SW Karusell) VG
MARIE BERGMAN Heya he'ya 1990 (SW The Record Station) VG+
MARTIN BEST CONSORT To Carl Michael with love 1975, soc. sånger av Bellman (SW HMV) VG+
JUSSI BJÖRLING Live Holland 1939, Norway 1954 1984 (SW Bluebell of Sweden) VG+
CAROLA Much more 1990, gatefold (SW Virgin/Rival) VG+
CHARLOTTE Förändringen 1989 (SW Cantio) VG+
CUMULUS same 1977, inkl. "Höstvisa" (SW RCA Victor) VG+
CUMULUS Tillsammans 1979, sobc (SW RCA Victor) VG+
LASSE DAHLQUIST same 1967, insp. från 1938-1946 (SW Odeon) VG+
CARL-ANDERS DEXTER En sång om friheten 1981, soc (SW Contra) VG+
ELDKVARN Ny klubb 1984 (SW EMI/Hi Fidelity) VG+
ELISABETH same 1990, Elisabeth Andreasson (SW Sonet) M-
LEIF ENGVALLS Helges hjältar stormar 1977 (SW Safir) VG+
FAMILY FOUR same 1965, soc (SW RCA Camden) VG+
FAMILY FOUR & INGER ÖST Kör långsamt 1969, soc (SW Metronome) VG+
FAMILY FOUR SINGERS same 1976, soc (SW Polydor) VG+
FJEDUR Länge leve livet! 1983, Christian vocal group w. folk influences, their second album (SW Four Leaf Clover) VG+
FOLKVIND same 1977, gatefold, folkmusik (SW Oktober) M-
FREDA' En människa  1984, soc (SW Cantio) VG+
GÖRAN FRISTORP Psalmer 1989, soc (SW Cantio) M-
GALENSKAPARNA, AFTER SHAVE m fl Originalmusiken ur kanonfilmen LEIF 1987, knastrig pressning (SW Kulturtuben) VG(+)
GRUS I DOJJAN I klackbaren 1978, soc (SW Metronome) VG+
KAI GULLMAR Sjunger egna visor 1972, insp. från 1947-1950 (SW Cupol) M-
RUNE GYLLANDER & LEIF WÄRNER Möte, tonsatta dikter av Czeslaw Milosz 1982 (SW Frituna) VG+
ERLAND HAGEGÅRD Fröjda dig 1978 (SW Philips) VG+
BJÖRN HOLM Änglarna ger mig ingen ro 1985 (SW Sonet) M-
HORISONTLINJE same 1975, gatefold, w. insert, m. Nannie Porres, Torgny Björk och Per E. Rundquist samt Bernt Rosengrens Orkester och Herr T & Hans Spelemän (SW YTF) M-
MARITZA HORN Jämmer och elände 1978, soc (SW Metronome) VG+
GINA JACOBI På jakt efter solen 1988, w. lyreics, stmc (SW Mercury) VG+
CARIN KJELLMAN & ULF GRUVBERG Med rötter i medeltiden 1974, gatefold, folkmusik, woc (SW Sonet) VG++
NILS JOLINDER Sjunger gamla örhängen till Ove Linds Kvintett 1977 (SW Phontastic) VG+
KAJSA & MALENA Den andra världen 1988 (SW HiFidelity) VG+
KARL GERHARD Estradör 1965 (SW Sonet) M-
JAN-ERIK KARLZON same 1973 (SW Decca) M-
KIDS Hon är förälskad i lärar'n 1981, soc (NL CBS) VG+
KIKKI (DANIELSSON) Midnight sunshine 1984 (SW Mariann) VG+
LANDSLAGET Tusen och en natt 1976, soc (SW EMI) VG+
LENA-MARIA same 1980, slight ringwear (SW Columbia) M-
LENA-MARIA Lena-Marias nya 1981, soc (SW Columbia) VG+
LENA-MARIA Lena-Marias nya 1981, stmc, some ringwear (SW Columbia) VG+
ZARAH LEANDER same 1969, insp. från 1936-1957 (SW Odeon) VG+
ZARAH LEANDER Zarah - Konserthuset, Stockholm 5 september 1973 2-LP 1973, live (SW Frituna) M-
ANITA LINDBLOM Sjunger jules Sylvain 1974  (SW Marilla) VG+
LILL LINDFORS Du är det varmaste jag har 1978, sobc (SW Metronome) VG+
JANNE LUCAS Växeln hallå 1980 (SW Mariann) M-
LUCREZIA Espresso 1989 (SW Ricochet) M- 25:-
PETER LUNDBLAD Ta mej till havet 1986, w. lyrics, soc (SW Sonet) VG+
ANNA-LENA LÖFGREN & POLISKÖREN STOCKHOLM Vi möts igen - 12 Vera Lynn-succéer 1977 (SW Metronome) VG+
ANNA-LENA LÖFGREN Lev som du lär 1979 (SW Polydor) VG+
MAGNUM BONUM Bakom spegeln 1979 (SW Mercury) VG+
JAN MALMSJÖ Just en sån sång 1984 (SW Art Music) VG+
JAN MALMSJÖ Låt mig få tända ett ljus 1987 (SW Little Big Apple) VG+
MOONSHINE Bootleg 1977 /2X/ (SW EMI) VG+
MORA TRÄSK Skidvalla och 7-spring 1982 (SW Mora Träsk Musik) VG++
EVA MÖLLER Carmen Lucena 1977 (SW YTF) M-
TOVE NAESS Shine on 1987, gatefold (SW Virgin) M-
ANN SOFI NILSSON När kommer dagen 1977, gatefold, progg (SW Oktober) VG+
BIRGIT NILSSON Önskeartisten 1 2-LP 1978, insp. från 1957-1969 (SW HMV) VG+
BIRGIT NILSSON I S:t Jacobs kyrka 1977, soc (SW Swedish Society Discofil) VG+
NOICE Bedårande barn av sin tid 1980, gatefold (SW Sonet) VG+
TONE NORUM One of a kind 1985 (NL CBS) M-
NYSSE Jag vill ha mycke' pengar 1984, soc (SW CBS) VG+
MATS PAULSON En målares melodi 1986 (SW SVT Tevegram) M-
CYNDEE PETERS Gospel is good - C.P. sjunger gospel med fem värmländska körer 1975, soc (SW Caprice) VG+
HJÖRDIS PETTERSON Jag gamla ärbara gumma 1975 (SW Odeon) VG+
PONTUS & AMERIKANERNA Via satellit 1990, TESTPRESS, white label (SW Grammoplast) M-
ALF ROBERTSON Solsken, bästa från 1977-79 1982, soc (SW Mariann) VG+
ALF ROBERTSON Det kommer från hjärtat 1983 (SW Mariann) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG same 1977, soc (SW Polydor) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG Min musik 1976, soc (SW Polydor) VG+
MATS RÅDBERG Det handlar om känslor 1979 (SW Polydor) VG+
SAD MOTION same 1980, promo stamp on backside of cover (NL CBS) VG++
EVERT SANDIN Stora daldansen går 1973, soc (SW Viking) M-
BJÖRN SKIFS & BLÅBLUS Out of the blue 1974, soc, gatefold /2X/ (SW EMI) VG+
BJÖRN SKIFS Watch out! 1977 (SW EMI) VG++
SKVATTRAM Spelar egna och Västerbottniska visor & låtar 1982, folkmusik (SW Kung Karls Spira) M-
SMALL TOWN SINGERS same 1974, soc (SW RCA Victor) VG+
SMALL TOWN SINGERS Närbild 1976, soc (SW RCA Victor) VG+
SNÖSTORM Kan vi inte få sluta tidigare? 1981, soc (SW Mariann) VG+
BERNT STAF Vår om du vill 1976 /2X/ (SW YTF) VG+
STREAPLERS "EMI:s stjärnserie vol. 3" De tusen öars land  1970, rec. från 1965-70, some ringwear, gd. collection (SW EMI) VG+
STRÅKBLÅSARNA same 1983, AUTOGRAPHED/SIGNERAD av samtliga medlenmmar (SW Stråkblåsarna) VG+
SUB LUNA Ulf Johan Tempelman sjunger Karlfeldt 1986 (SW YTF) VG+
JEJA SUNDSTRÖM Jejas jörpa 1972, soc, tekniker Michael B. Tretow (SW Sonet) VG+
JEJA SUNDSTRÖM På begäran: Violen från Flen och andra visor av Ulf Peder Olrog 1973 (SW Metronome) VG+
SUNDSVALLS KAMMARKÖR med KJELL LÖNNÅ Stilla ro, och nära 1985, gatefold, SIGNERAD av Kjell Lönnå (SW Proprius) M-
SVENNE & LOTTA Bring it on home 1978 (SW Polar) VG+
SÅNG- OCH SPELGRUPPEN TVÅ & TVÅ same 1976, kristen musik (SW Signatur) M-
SÖDRA BERGENS BALALAIKOR "1973" 1973, w. lyrics, progg (SW MNW) VG+
EVERT TAUBE same 1959, first pressing (SW HMV) VG+
EVERT TAUBE På begäran 1980 (SW EMI) VG+
EVERT TAUBE Collection 2 2-LP 1989, rec. from 1923-59 (SW  Musikservice) M-
LASSE TENNANDER På egen hand med fötterna på jorden 1981, live på Mosebacke, inkl. en suverän Dylan-parodi: Lasse Dylans femtioelfte dröm", soc (SW Sonet) VG+
SIVERT THURELL Siweretz! 1978, soc, SIGNERAD, 1tr.=VG (SW Tyfon) VG+
T-SHIRTS Mr. Swing 1981, slight ringwear (SW Sonet) VG+
TUNDRA Våga livet 1985, jazzrock/fusion, gatefold, cut corner (SW Pi) M-
SIGURD WALLÉN Albert Engström-historier 1964, 2nd press (SW Odeon) VG+
TORSTEN WALLIN Grand Canyon 1977, toc (SW Metronome) VG+
TOTTE WALLIN Kanotsyndromet 1980, sobc, some edgewwar (SW Metronome) VG+
ÖSTEN WARNERBRING Glenn Miller har störtat 1981, big stmc (SW Frituna) VG+
WASA EXPRESS Schack matt 1979 (SW Sonet) VG+
MIKAEL WIEHE, NYBERG, FRANCKE & FJELLIS De ensligas allé 1982, w. lyrics (SW Amalthea) M-
BIRGITTA WOLLGÅRD Ställd mot väggen 1978, soc (SW Polar) VG+
ZZAJ same 1988 (SW Hawk Records) M-
ZZAJ Scirocco 1989 (SW Matador) VG+
ANNA OCH JOHNNY ÖST Mor och son 1975, soc (SW Rondo) M-

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