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50s/60s 7" SINGLES

   PAUL ANKA Love me warm and tender/I'd like to know 1962, Radio Nord Topp 20 (UK RCA) VG+/VG 
RE O LOUIS ARMSTRONG & H. ALL-STARS Mack the Knife (live)/Tin roof blues, rec. 1955/56, "Hall of Fame" series (US Columbia) M-
O BOB DALE Mary's boy child/A night to remember 1957 (UK Embassy) VG+
X MICHEL DELPECH Wight is wight/same (instr.) 1969 (FR Barclay) VG+
   ETONS The frug/Cause I'm her man 1965 (GE Vogue) VG+
   TONI FISHER West of the wall/What did I do 1962, song about two lovers separated by the Berlin Wall (UK London) VG+
O EMILE FORD On a slowboat to China/That lucky old sun 1960, NC (SW Metronome) VG+/VG
   FOUR JACKS AND A JILL Master Jack 1967, South African folk rock (S.A. RCA Victor) VG
X HEINTJE Ich bau' Dir ein Schloss/Du sollst nicht weinen 1968 (NL CNS) VG(+)
RE BARRY McGUIRE Eve of destruction/What exactly's the matter with me 1965, lt (US Dunhill) VG+
X ESTHER & ABI OFARIM Cinderella Rockefella/Lonesome road 1968 (NO Philips) VG+
X TONY RENIS Quando quando quando/Blu 1962, sol (SW HMV) VG+/VG 
   PETER SELLERS & SOPHIA LOREN Goodness gracious me/I'm so ashamed 1960 (SW Odeon) VG+


X BEALE STREET JAZZBAND Muschel-Letkiss/Holzhacker-Letkiss 1965 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
   ARNE LAMBERTH La paloma/La mer 1961, B=Radio Nord-hit (SW Joker) VG+
X JO SONY ARVERN SYSTEM Sea side shuffle/Arvern's strip 1972 (FR CBS) VG+
X RED MILLER Pop can can, part 1 & 2 1976 (FR EMI) VG+
O THE SOUTH BANK ORCHESTRA Lillie theme/Gilbert & Sullivan selection 1978 (UK Decca) VG+
   JOHN WILLIAMS Cavatina/Romanza 1971 (UK PYE) VG+


O ANN-LOUISE (HANSSON) Låt inte din skugga falla här/Fly your Jolly Roger 1978 (SW GlenDisc) M-
X DON C (Curtis) Young love breaks easy/You wake up my feelings 1985 (SW Rainbow) M-
X ANN-LOUISE HANSON Arrividerci Frans!/En dag ska jag komma tillbaka till dej 1968 (SW Philips) VG++
X LALLA HANSSON Anna och mej/Vyssanlull. lilla Marie 1971 (SW Columbia) VG+/VG
O LALLA HANSSON Anna och mej/Vyssanlull, lilla Marie 1971, soc, small cw (SW Columbia) VG+
X LILI & SUSSIE We were only dancing/Miss you 1988 (SW EMI) M-
X ANNA-LENA LÖFGREN Lyckliga gatan/Hjärtat på rätta stället 1967 (SW Metronome) VG/VG+
X JAN MALMSJÖ En sång en gång för längesen/Puff (en pappersdrake) 1967 (SW CBS) VG(+)
X ARNE QUICK & GÖSTA "SNODDAS" Barnatro/Stugan vid strand 1970, utgiven av Saxons veckotidning (SW Saxons) VG(+)

70s-90s 7" SINGLES

    BILL ARWOOD Under neon lights/Lilly's white lies, country (US Bob Grady Records) M-
    R.J. AUSTIN Loving you was just a waste of time/Good ole boys night out, country (US Ollie) VG+
   BABE RUTH Private number/Somebody's nobody 1975 (UK Harvest) VG+
X BACCARA Sorry I'm a lady/Love you till I die 1977, soc (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X EDOARDO BENNATO Viva la mamma/Abbi dubbi 1989, soc (GE Virgin) VG+
X LOREDANA BERTÉ Grida/Ricominciare 1978 (NL CBS) VG+ 
O BIGGLES Gimme gimme some lovin'/Can't buy you 1971, NC, prod. by Mike Berry (UK Philips) VG+
X BOOMTOWN RATS A hold of me/Never in a million years 1984 (UK Mercury) M-
O JAMES BROWN Bodyheat part 1 & 2 1976, small cw (US Polydor) M-
O JAMES BROWN Nature (part 1)/The spank 1978, sm. split (US Polydor) VG+
X JAMES BROWN Gravity (2 versions) 1986 (UK Scotti Brothers) VG+
X CHER Dark lady/Two people clinging to a thread 1973, much woc (GE MCA) VG
X TONI CHILDS Stop your fussin'/Where's the ocean 1988 (GE A&M) M-
X TONI CHILDS Heaven's gate/Let the rain come down 1992 (GE A&M) M-
X LLOYD COLE & COMMOTIONS Lost weekend/Big world 1985 (UK Polydor) M-
O JOHN COUGAR Ain't ever done with the night/Make me feel 1980 (US Riva) VG+
X CULTURE CLUB It's a miracle/Love twist 1984 (GE Virgin) M-
X CULTURE CLUB Love is love (from the soundtrack of the film "Electric Dreams")/Sexuality 1986 (GE Virgin) M-
X CULTURE CLUB Move away/Mistake no 3 1985 (GE Virgin) M-
X DARTS Daddy cool/The girl can't help it/Medley excerpts/Shotgun 1977, GE cover (SW Magnet) M-
X DARTS The boy from New York City/Bones 1978, gd. revival (UK Magnet) VG+
X DARTS The boy from New York city/Bones 1978, sobc (UK Magnet) M-
X DARTS Come back my love/Naff off 1978, UK cover (SW Magnet) M-
X DAVID ESSEX Gonna make you a star/Window 1974 (NL CBS) VG+/VG
O FAT DADDY Captain Midnight (and his rock and roll band)/The love you save 1973 (NO Mercury) VG+
O FATHER ABRAHAM The smurf song/The magic flute smurf 1977 (UK Decca) VG++
X FLIRTS Jukebox/Calling all boys 1982, soc, great song! (SW TMC) M-
X J. GEILS BAND Centerfold/Rage in the cage 1981 (GE EMI America) M-
X J. GEILS BAND Centerfold/Rage in the cage 1981, slight ringwear, diff. cover (GE EMI America) M-
X GILLA Gentlemen callers not allowed/Say yes 1977 (GE Hansa) M-
X STEVE HARLEY & COCKNEY REBEL Irresistble/Such is life 1985 (NL RK) M-
X PATRICK HERNANDEZ Born to be alive (2 versions) 1979 (FR Aquarius) M-
O HOT Tonight/The nights are not enough 1982 (US Boardwalk) VG+
X IT BITES All in red/Heartbreaker 1986, British progressive rock/pop fusion band (UK Virgin) M-
X JERMAINE JACKSON Let me tickle your fancy/Maybe next time  1982 (GE Motown) M-
X COLIN JAMES Just came back/Cross my heart 1990 (UK Virgin) M-
X COLIN JAMES If you lean on me/Back in my arms again 1991 (UK Virgin) M-
X JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Planes/Upfront blues (instr.) 1989 (NL Epic) VG+
X JON & VANGELIS I'll find my way home/Back to school 1981 (GE Polydor) VG+
X JAMES KAHN One million stars (2 versions) 1984 (SW Beat Box) VG+
O MAC & KATIE KISSOON I've found my freedom/Love came today 1972 (NO Polydor) VG+
   JOE LEAHY I'm nobody's baby (2 versions) 1985, square dance music, w. cues and instruction sheet (US Merry-Go-Round) M- 
X JONA LEWIE You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties/Bureaucrats 1980, woc (SW Stiff) VG+
X JONA LEWIE Louise (we get it right)/It never will go wrong 1981, soc (UK Stiff) M-
X NICK LOWE All men are liars/Gai-gin man 1990, soc (UK Reprise) M-
X MIREILLE MATHIEU La paloma adieu/Akropolis adieu 1974 (SW Ariola) VG+
X MIDDLE OF THE ROAD Soley soley/To remind me 1971 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
X BETTY MIRANDA Take me to the top (2 versions) 1984 (GE WEA) VG++
   DON McLEAN Vincent/Castles in the air 1972 (UK U.A.) VG+
O RALPH McTELL Streets of London/Summer lightning 1974 (SW Polydor) M- X MUNGO JERRY In the summertime/Mighty man 1970, stmc (SW PYE) VG+
X MUNGO JERRY In the summertime/Mighty man 1970, much woc (SW PYE) VG+
X OSMONDS Goin' home/Are you up there? 1973 (GE MGM) VG+
X PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC Are you ready/Staggolee 1970, soc (SW CBS) VG+/VG
X SAILOR A glass of champagne/Panama 1975 (NL Epic) VG+
X SAMANTHA Y viva España/Nuestra historia 1972 (SP Discophon) VG+
X VERONIQUE SANSON L'amour qui bat/Santa Monica 1981 (FR Elektra) VG+
X SANTANA Say it again/Touchdown raiders 1985, B=instr. (NL CBS) M-
X SANTANA Veracruz/Mandela 1987, B=instr. (NL CBS) M-
X MICHEL SARDOU La chanson d'adieu/Le surveillant general 1972 (FR Tema) M-
X SHAKIN' STEVENS Shirley/I'm for you 1982 (NL Epic) M-
X PETER SHELLEY Love me love my dog/My sweet deutsche friend 1974, soc (GE Ariola) VG+
   SOUL RESPONSE Doin' the bump/Rock me, roll me 1975 (UK Blue Jean) VG+
O SQUEEZE When the hangover strikes/Elephant girl 1982 (UK A&M) VG+
X AMII STEWART & MIKE FRANCIS Together/Do it all again 1985 (GE RCA Victor) VG+
   RAY STEVENS The streak/You've got the music inside 1974, classic! (US Barnaby) VG+
X STEPHEN STILLS Stranger/No hiding place 1984, soc (GE Atlantic) M-
X STING Russians/Gabriel's message 1985 (NL A&M) M-
X STRANGLERS European female/Savage breast 1982, cut corner (NL Epic) M-
X SWEATHOG Hallelujah/Still on the road 1971, soc (NL CBS) VG++
O T-CONECTION At midnight/Playin' games 1978 (US Dash) VG+
   TEMPTATIONS Keep holding on/What you need most (I do best of all) 1975, soul (US Gordy) VG+
O JOE TEX Loose caboose/Music ain't got no color 1978 (US Dial) VG+
O TEXAS VOCAL COMPANY It had to be you/Backsliding 1983, soc (US RCA) VG+
X THE BLUE NILE Stay/Saddle the horses 1984, adult/altenative pop band from Glasgow (GE Linn Records) M-
O THE DEVASTATING AFFAIR That's how it was/It's so sad 1973, cw - piece of cover missing (SW Tamla Motown) VG+
X THE KNACK My Sharona/Let me out 1979 (UK Capitol) VG+
X THE KNACK My Sharona/Let me out 1979 (US Capitol) VG+
X THE MISSION Butterfly on a wheel/The grip of disease 1989 (GE Mercury) M-
X THE TONY MONN CONCEPT Who built the pyramids, part 1 & 2 1982 (GE Ariola) M-
X THIRD WORLD Lagos jump/Love is out to get you 1983, sobc (NL CBS) VG+
O BEN THOMAS Harmony/Whistling man 1972, NC (SW Polar) VG(+)
X LINDA G. THOMPSON Put a little love in your heart/Laid back love 1977, ex-Silver Convention (GE Jupiter) VG+
X TRIO Da da da don't love you dont love me aha aha aha/Sabine Sabine Sabine 1982, soc (GE Mercury) VG+
X TRIO Da da da ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha/Sabine Sabine Sabine 1982, toc (GE Mercury) VG++
X BONNIE TYLER Married men/If you ever need me again 1978 (GE RAC Victor) VG+
X UNDER TWO  FLAGS Masks/Early Sunday morning 1984, British indie (UK Situation Two) VG+
X WAR Sun on son/Lonely feelin' 1971, first single without Eric Burdon, soc, stmc, small cw (GE Liberty) VG
O DEBORAH WASHINGTON Rock it/loneliness 1979, wol, woc, disco (US Ariola) VG+
X SUZANNE VEGA feat. JOE JACKSON on piano Left of center/Cracking (live) 1986 (GE A&M) VG+
X KIM WILDE Child come away/Just another guy 1982 (NL RAK) VG+
X PETE WOLF Can't get started/Mamma said 1987 (GE EMI America) VG+


O ABBA So long/I've been waiting for you 1974, soc (SW Polar) VG+/VG
X HEP STARS Malaika/It's nice to be back 1967 (SW Olga) VG(+)
X HEP STARS Malaika/It's nice to be back 1967, NC (SW Olga) VG+


X RANDY CRAWFORD Imagine/Tender falls the rain 1992 (GE W.B.) M-
X DISCOTEQUES What is life (Harrison)/He's got the whole world 1971, woc (SW Spark) VG+
X JULIAN LENNON Because (from the musical "Time"), 2 diff. versions 1986 (NL EMI) M- 
X PAUL McCARTNEY Pipes of peace/So bad 1983 (NL Parlophone) VG+
X PAUL McCARTNEY Spies like us/My carnival 1985, some ringwear, stmc (NL Parlophone) VG+


X DAVID BOWIE Up the hill backwards/Crystal Japan 1980, NC (UK RCA) VG+
X DAVID BOWIE Day-in day-out/Julie 1987, some ringwear (GE EMI America) VG+
X DAVID BOWIE Underground (2 diff.) 1988 (NL EMI America) M-




X CLAES-GÖRAN HEDERSTRÖM Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mej/Natten är så lång 1968, cw/reva i omslaget, NC (SW RCA Victor) VG(+)
X CORINNE HERMÈS Si la vie est cadeau/Pour un jour de toi 1983, soc (NL Polydor) M- 
X SANDRA KIM J'aime la vie/same (instr.) 1986 (SW Carrere) M-
X SEVERINE Un banc, un arbre, un rue/Viens 1971 (SW Philips) VG+


X LITA FORD Hungry/Big gun 1990, woc (GE RCA) VG+
X GUN Steal your fire/Don't blame me 1992 (GE A&M) M-
X GUN Welcome to the real world/Standing in your shadow 1992 (UK A&M) VG+
X J.J. PARADISE PLAYERS CLUB Teddy salad/Never in my life 2001 (US Tee Pee Records) M-
X JOHN NORUM Let me love you/Wild one 1987 (NL CBS) VG+
X SKIN'BONES Cover me with roses/Kiss this 1990 (DK Equinox) M-


X COMMON MARKET (I can¨t get no) Satisfaction/Malissa (he's my baby) 1974, small woc (FR Riviera) VG+


X ROXETTE Never ending love (2 different) 1986 (SW EMI) VG+


   FRANK ZAPPA Love of my life/For the young sophisticate 1981 (NL CBS) M-


X PAUL ANKA "More songs of Paris" Under Paris skies/Melodie d'amour/C'est ci bon/Comme ci, comme ca 1961 (SW Karusell) VG
X BERTIL BOO Konvaljens avsked/Där näckrosen blommar/Hjärtats saga/Ack, vore jag 1956, några bubblor i vinylen (SW Sonora) VG
X RAY CHARLES "Modern sounds in country and western music" Bye bye, love/Worried mind/Careless love/I can't stop loving you 1962 (SW Karusell) VG(-)
X DONOVAN Donna, Donna/Car car/Cuttin' out/Ramblin' boy 1965, cover VG+ (SW PYE) VG
X GEORGIA GIBBS "Rock, rock, rock" Tra la la/Morning, noon and night/Silent lips/Pretty pretty 1958 (SW Mercury) VG
X GEORGIA GIBBS "The hula hoop song"/Keep in touch/The hucklebuck/Better loved you'll never be 1958, cover M-, some bubbles in vinyl - does not affect playing (DK Sonet) VG
X STIG JÄRREL Fibban kverulerar/m. EVA DAHLBECK Mor i Busken 1955, ett par bubblor i vinylen, påverkar ej spelningen (SW Metronome) VG(+)
X LES KARTOONS Fais attention/I didn't know/L'inferno e'qui/Se non e' amore 1997, gd. French garage (FR Wiped Out Records) M-
X LIECHTENSTEIN Stalking skills/Cravings/Fallen heroes 2007, great Swedish indie/garage (SW Fraction) M-
X TRINI LOPEZ "Canta en español" La malagueña/Cucurrucu paloma/Granada/Chamaca 1964 (SP Reprise) VG(+) 35:-
X MIKE OLDFIELD Mistake/(Waldberg)The Peak/Family man/Mount Telde 1982, sobc, concert plan for 1982 on backside of cover (GE Virgin) VG+
X PAPA BUE'S VIKING JAZZ BAND "Around the world with...." White cliffs of Dover/O sole mio/Dark eyes/When Irish eyes are 1960 (DK Storyville) VG+
X LES PAUL & MARY FORD "The hit-makers! part 2" The world is waiting for the sunrise/Meet Mister Callaghan/Tiger rag/Tennessee waltz 1953 (FR Capitol) VG
X R.I.F. Something happened today/Crack/Understand/You don't care/No love 1986, obscure Swedish punk, from Söderbärke (SW Uproar) VG+
   SHANES Let me tell yah/You gotta tell me/Too much for me/I wanna go bowlin' 1966, no PS (SW Columbia) VG
X ULLA SJÖBLOM Jag står här på ett torg/Visan om Berlin/Marknadsminne/Säg vad ni vill 1958, 1tr.=VG(-) (SW Decca) VG(+)
X APRIL STEVENS Teach me tiger/I want a lip/In other words/Do it again 1965, NC, wol, cover VG+ (SW Liberty) VG/VG -
X CARL-ERIK THAMBERT & MARIANNE ANDERSSON "Cirkelskivan presenterar" Czardas-furstinnan potpurri/Två mörka ögon/CARL-ERIC THAMBERT Mitt eget land/MARIANNE ANDERSSON Då väntar jag vid vägarna 1960, reklamskiva för Cirkel-Kaffe (SW Cirkelskivan) VG
X MONICA ZETTERLUND Hallelujah I love him so/I want a little girl/It's allright/Yes indeed 1959, great colour cover (SW Columbia) VG -
X V.A. "ASTRID LINDGRENS TJORVEN, BÅTSMAN OCH MOSES Tjorven får en sälunge/Alla grodor är förtrollade prinsar 1964, NC (SW Telefunken) VG(+)
X V.A. "WALT DISNEY's ASKUNGEN Berättare Victoria Kahn/VICTORIA KAHN och GUS & JACK Bibbidi - bobbidi - boo/Din dröm ger dig allt 1967, book+33 rpm 45, songs play VG+, the reading around VG (SW HMV/Disneyland) VG(+)


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